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Why people have allergies and how to alleviate them

Allergies are a widespread health issue, and most people pass them off as relatively unimportant when it comes to evaluating their overall health. However, when you consider that an allergy is the result of a weakened immune system, then it become apparent that the root cause of the problem is a bit more serious than runny eyes and a stuffy nose. There are 3 main reasons a person has allergies, and most of the triggers are very common.

Imbalanced immune function

One of the main causes of allergies is an imbalanced immune system, which will increases your odds of an allergic reaction. Many factors contribute to this immune dysfunction, including:

~ Increased toxic burden due to pollution in our air, food, water, and personal care products.

~ Disturbance of immune system function through repeated childhood and adult vaccinations and immunizations.

~ Over prescribing of antibiotics and steroids, which cause damage to intestinal flora (especially birth control pills).

~ Hereditary problems t…