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4 ways to prevent allergies in children

Due to the overwhelming burden of toxins in the world and a largely monotonous diet rooted in grains and sugars, allergies have become commonplace. This has created a weakness in our genetic profile that is being passed down from one generation to the next, causing allergies to pop up in the very early stages of life. To counteract this trend, one must focus on optimal immune building strategies and the external environment in which children live.

Here are 4 key factors to consider.

Breastfeed your baby

According to most alternative health care practitioners, one of the best ways to reduce allergies in childhood is to feed an infant mother's milk. Breastfeeding builds a strong immune system that is armed to deal with infections, toxins, and food allergens.

Lendon Smith, M.D., author of numerous books on children's health, emphasizes that feeding baby mother's milk contributes to children having fewer allergies. He states, "If babies are given anything other than breas…