Cure Constipation Naturally

   Rock the Squat

First, do the squat! Elevating your feet while on the bathroom throne brings your body into the elimination position nature intended. A squatting position fully relaxes the puborectalis muscle, while the conventional seated posture actually puts a kink in the anorectal angle.

I’m using words like “puborectalis” and “anorectal” because I really don’t want to scare you off with personal details about how squatting rocks. So I’ll just say that proper pooping alignment means no straining.
I keep a step stool by my toilet to elevate my feet. You can also get a Squatty Potty, which is much less of an eyesore.

   Get Things Greased Up

Want to cure constipation? First, start by ignoring this ridiculous claim made in an article on

“Saturated fats are difficult for your body to digest and can contribute to hard, difficult-to-pass stools. Your child should eliminate consumption of saturated fats to help alleviate abdominal pain associated with constipation.”

Thankfully, many of us understand that old-fashioned saturated fats play a vital role in health, and should compromise generous part of the diet (get these fats from pastured animal sources and coconut oil).
Your body needs saturated fats to prevent constipation. Nourishing fats work to make the entire digestive process effective and efficient. The first step in any healing process, I believe, is reducing grain consumption and increasing traditional fats.

Try to include at least three tablespoons of healing fats a day, along with grassfed beef and pastured egg yolks. I eat 4-5 tablespoons of healing fats along with 2-4 duck eggs every day, as well as full fat, homemade goat milk yogurt and fatty cuts of grassfed beef.

   The Magnesium Cure-All

I love magnesium. It makes me sleep better, it gives me energy, and it gives me good poops! Ann Marie wrote a great article on why you need magnesium and how to get it in foods.
I use two different magnesium supplements:

~  Natural Vitality Natural Magnesium Calm  contains a highly absorbable powder form of magnesium which dissolves in warm water. I love the mildly tangy, warm drink before bed. I buy the Vitacost Store brand - same product, but nearly half the price. It may take a period of adjustment to find the proper serving size for you. I take 2 level teaspoons a day.

~  I also rub magnesium oil on my arms a legs a couple times a day . You can buy inexpensive magnesium oil at Vitacost, or follow my friend Caroline’s instructions to make your own magnesium oil.

   Balance the Beneficial Bacteria

Healthy gut flora lays the foundation for all areas of health. When these good probiotics get ravaged by processed foods, sugar, and toxins, the whole digestive process deteriorates.

Often, incorporating a fermented food with each meal significantly improves irregularity. Include a tablespoon of lacto-fermented veggies with lunch and dinner. Enjoy a cup of yogurt (homemade or the plain, whole milk type) with breakfast and snacks. As a bonus, these naturally fermented foods will boost your immune system!

Balancing gut flora also means addressing an overgrowth of opportunistic flora by limiting or restricting sugar, grains, and processed foods. In serious cases–like me–it means following the GAPS Diet regimine for a couple years of intensive good bacteria breeding.

   Water Enemas

Yes, I know. That hole is supposed to be as an exit, not an entrance. And the ick factor of this healing routine sometimes takes a bit of effort to overcome. But if you want a natural constipation cure that works immediately, this is it.

Before reading about water enemas in GAPS, I tried this herbal healing implant enema to stop the intestinal bleeding during an ulcerative colitis flare. I remember laying on my towel-covered bed, tears of distress running down my cheeks, as my mom tried in vain to help me through the process.
It was a mortifying experience.

A year later, when I read the GAPS book, I nearly flushed the book down the toilet when I saw that Natasha Campbell-McBride recommends water enemas for constipation. I had already–unfortunately–decided to go full out with my healing journey and so I would have to try this enema thing again.
After spending an entire day summoning the courage, I set aside a whole hour that evening (an evening when I had the house entirely to myself) to just do it.

Guess what? I lived through it. In fact, the results were so… *desperately searching for discreet adjective*… profound that I now do a water enema once a month. And yes, the process is not pleasant. But it’s not painful, either. 

There are a couple tactful and helpful sources on the web to teach you how to do an enema. I like this one.

Follow the instructions in the GAPS book for a plain water enema. You can also use a detoxing coffee enema. Don’t add anything else to the enema, such as sea salt or epsom salt. Don’t even use a coffee enema if you have Crohn’s, colitis, or any kind of bowel/intestinal inflammation or leisons.

  Sitting with legs elevated, like a crouching position in the natural position for a bowel movement


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