Death of vaccines

So how does a mother feel when her baby is dead from vaccines and all she hears from doctors, the government and media is that vaccines are safe and effective?

  This is my journey….

I can’t say I believed in vaccination. I knew nothing about it, but had it done anyway. It’s what you do, right? You do what doctors and baby health clinics tell you and what your parents and the media advise you to do. Well I did it, without so much as a question or thought into it. Within moments of my son receiving his immunisations he was screaming. This continued for most of the day and when he wasn’t screaming he was crying. This was unusual as he was a very happy, placid baby, who was already rolling over at 8 weeks and gooing and gahing at the first sight of his mother. The doctor told me his reactions were ’normal’ and he’d be OK in a couple of days.

After the first day he had almost recovered with only some irritability and restlessness noticeable. As the weeks passed he continued to reach milestones and all appeared Ok.

At 4 months of age I dutifully took him for his next round of vaccinations. This time he screamed louder and I could not console him at all. I would breastfeed him, only to have him projectile vomit it back up and still the screaming continued. He had never before vomited at all, ever. After he had vomited 2 feeds I called the doctor and told her what was happening and she said to stop breastfeeding and give him juice only. He kept some of it down but still vomited often.

The next day I called the doctor and told her I think the vaccines have done this and she told me ’ no, it’s just a coincidence’ but to bring him back in, which I did. She referred me to a specialist. While waiting for the specialist appointment in a few days, my baby boy started doing strange things. He started arching his back and crying out in pain. He was as stiff as a board. His eyes would roll into the back of his head. He didn’t have a temperature. He had also started shuddering but he wasn’t cold. (I later learnt from the doctor these were convulsions and seizures). The vomiting continued and I was convinced to give up breastfeeding by the clinic sister. He vomited up the formula also. I was getting very scared.

We went to the specialist appointment and he took some blood for tests and then we had to wait. His symptoms continued and after several days word came from the specialist that the tests showed he was allergic to wheat. I stopped giving him the cereal I had started him on weeks before, but none of the symptoms went away. (when I thought about it later, it was actually rice cereal anyway)

I decided to move to a large city to get more help. Once I saw a doctor there he was immediately admitted to hospital for a battery of test – many of which were conducted under anaesthetic, which of course required my signature to say I have been notified that my baby could die while under. I had not been advised of this, but I signed it not knowing all the medical jargon as I needed to get my baby well again and trusted they knew what they were doing.

By this time my dear little son had lost a lot of weight and nothing I was doing (under advice from doctors and baby health clinics) was working.

After months of tests in the hospital (he stayed there) we were summoned in to an office to be told that they ’didn’t know why my baby was deteriorating, but they estimate he will pass away within a couple of months’.

Soon after I took my baby home to die.

It was an interesting time. You don’t notice things have changed that much when you are with someone everyday. I would go shopping and people would not look at my baby, but rather look the other way. I remember going into the butcher and ordering what I wanted. The butcher refused to take my money as his eyes were transfixed on my son. I didn’t understand any of this. Just people behaving strangely I thought. I didn’t realise how sick he looked – much like the starving babies on T.V. we are now used to seeing in African countries.

My dear little boy was no longer rolling over, gooing or gahing, in fact he wasn’t doing anything anymore. He was now over one year of age and had not progressed past 4 months of age, when he had his last immunisations. He had in fact regressed to a newborn state, although now he was the length of a toddler. I carried him around in a sling close to my heart and waited for the day he would leave me forever.

When blood started coming from his mouth and I was not getting much sleep at all so I could watch over him, he was admitted to hospital again. He passed away a few weeks later. Vaccination killed him, I have no doubt. If he crawled under the sink and drank the same poisonous concoction of heavy metals, formaldehyde, foreign proteins, multiple viruses and a host of other toxins, the emergency room would have called it poisoning. Because it was injected into his body, it’s called ’a coincidence’! Funny about that, and I have since met many parents with similar stories.

A few years passed and I went on to have another child. This time

I was not going to be complacent. I had over the years researched the vaccination issue at length. I read the product inserts and found the reactions all printed there so my suspicions were confirmed by the drug company (the makers of the product) even if not by the doctors.

I had been lied to and my concerns about his immunisations were never followed up in any way. They were met with denials and due to my blind faith in the medical profession I didn’t question.

I have since gone on to read hundreds of books, some written by very courageous doctors who have bothered to investigate this issue thoroughly, read medical journals and also watched some DVD’s done by doctors all to warn parents about the dangers of vaccination.

I have 3 healthy, totally unvaccinated children, who have never had a childhood disease. Unlike their vaccinated friends who have often succumb to the diseases they have been vaccinated against. I kept these children fit and well using what is provided by nature – natural foods, clean water,

sunshine, clean air, exercise, adequate sleep and a loving and nurturing environment.

A few simple facts for people to check out:

1. Japan stopped vaccinating young babies and their SIDs rate plummeted to near none. SIDS in Australia mostly happens at 2, 4 and 6 months – a coincidence – I think not, some will definitely be vaccination deaths!

2. The U.S.A. has paid out billions in compensation for vaccine injury. Why do doctors here deny it is happening – are they scared of being sued?

3. There is absolutely NO SCIENTIFIC PROOF a raised antibody level equals immunity. Apparently doctors want scientific proof of reactions, yet there is no scientific proof a raised antibody level gives immunity. There is proof it does not, when most of the cases of whooping cough are in the vaccinated as they are for this current epidemic.

It saddens me to know there are thousands of babies out there being damaged, disabled or lost every year and they have no voice to stand up against the powerful drug companies and, what is now an industry, and scarcely a profession – medicine.

I suggest you all look up the definition of safe and effective. You will soon learn it does not say what doctors and drug companies would have us believe. While we have a system when vaccine side effects are denied and played down and the risk of the disease is exaggerated we will never really know the true risk / benefit ratio. But remember, the risk was 100% when damage happens to your child!

There is so much information out there now from people who do not have a vested interest in vaccinations – I suggest you look into it thoroughly and put your fears to one side.

Education conquers fear.

If my son’s purpose on this earth was to teach me to be a better, more responsible parent, he succeeded. Had he not lived and died, I would possibly still be the complacent parent I was when I took him to be immunised. For that, I, and his brothers and sister are forever in his debt. Maybe one day, I’ll get to thank him. In the meantime I wonder what he would be like today. When I was placing a 21st key around his headstone I could only be sorry I wasn’t placing it around his neck.

My unvaccinated children are alive and well and my vaccinated child is dead! That’s what I know and live with every day.

Yours in health and wellbeing,

Stephanie Messenger

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Graviola - a plant that cures cancer

The natural suppressant of cancer cells which is 10,000 times stronger than Chemotherapy!

Secreted or graviola fruit tree in a natural way to effectively treat the cancer cell and 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy.

Why we are not aware of it?
Some large pharmaceutical corporations looking to profit from their discovery to keep away from the public and implement its synthesized version for sale.

So, since we know that we can now help a friend in trouble, allowing him access to personal information or to prevent the consumption of graviola juice.
Graviola sweet taste and flavor is not bad, that is completely natural and definitely has no side effects.
If you have room in your garden, plant a tree will be of great benefit.

Graviola tree is fully usable.

Next time you ever get the desire for fruit juice, juice, visit graviola.

How many people have died in vain while this miraculous plant was kept in secret selfish billion dollar pharmaceutical industry?

This tree is of low growth, and is called graviola! in Brazil, "Guanabana" in Spanish and in English a name inspired by the "soursop" (native-juice). The fruit is a great form and it tastes sweet. When you peel it shows that the fetus inside a white color and can be eaten out of hand or it is possible to prepare a fruit drink.

The main importance of this plant is due to its strong performance in the fight against cancer. Although it is known in the prevention of numerous medical conditions, yields the highest efficiency of anti-tumor effect ... This plant is a proven remedy for all types of cancer.

Except that cures cancer, graviola has a broad spectrum antimicrobial agents for bacterial and fungal infections, is effective against internal parasites and worms, lowers high blood pressure and is used for depression, stress and nervous disorders.

Now we can be a clear reason for the existence of a world-institutions "Health Sciences Institute" in your impossibly learned of the existence of this miraculous plant.

The truth is incredibly simple: Deep in the Amazonian forest growing tree that can literally revitalize what, your doctor, and the rest of the world thinks about cancer treatment and your chances of survival, though the future has never been proved promising, for the majority.

Research shows that with extracts from this miraculous tree to be possible:

*  Attack cancer safely and effectively with all natural therapies that do not cause extreme nausea, weight loss and loss of scalp

*  Protect your immune system and avoid deadly infections

*  Considerably stronger and healthier body through the course of treatment

*  Gain life energy and improve your outlook on life

The source of this information is just as stunning: It comes from one of the largest American manufacturer of "drugs", which is the fruit subjected to more than 20 laboratory tests conducted since the 1970s! These tests did not show anything incomprehensible!

Extracts from the tree showed that:

*  Effective targeted killing of malignant cells in 12 types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreatic cancer ...

*  Connections tree proved to be up to 10,000 times stronger than the slow growth of cancer cells than Adriamycin drug, commonly used drug for chemotherapy?

*  What's more, unlike chemotherapy, secretion extracted from graviola tree kills cancer cells and does not harm healthy cells as is the case with chemotherapy!

Incredibly effective fight against cancer lies in the capacity of graviola tree that has been extensively explored, and why this discovery is not divided with you? Have you heard anything about it?

One of the American pharmaceutical magnate began researching a cure for cancer and it has led the way into the Amazon to the graviola tree.

 Different parts of the graviola tree, including bark, leaves, roots, fruits and fruit seeds are used in medicine for centuries the aborigines (Indi)! In South America, is used to treat heart disease, asthma, liver problems and arthritis. It is very poorly documented in this scientific discovery that drug companies keep secret but it proved to graviola tree is a dynamo of life and very safe, effective medicine against cancer.
But this is not the end where the story of graviola tree ends.

The pharmaceutical company that wanted to materialize this discovery has encountered a problem in the federal law which says that a natural ingredient or plant patent can not, and the company has no way to make serious profits from the graviola tree that is completely natural.

 The pharmaceutical company has invested nearly seven years trying to synthesize the most powerful ingredient of graviola tree cancer. They wanted to produce GMOs - artificially cloned plant that could offer patent and the market. But there are obstacles were encountered, the original result simply did not want to replicate, and thus there was no way to repay his company spent millions in vain to research.

As the dream of huge profits disappeared, their testing on graviola arrived to stop the project. Even that is a matter still worse, the company has decided not to publish the results of research in public!

However, fortunately, a scientist from the team graviola had a clear conscience and could not keep a secret that would result in a crime against humanity.
 Risking his career was contacted by a company that is dedicated to picking herbs from the Amazon forests and blew the whistle!

   The miracle is acquitted!

When the scientists 'Health Sciences Institute', warned that the news came out, they felt tremendous resistance in the review of research documentation graviola tree and began with speed clerics sequestered evidence!

.... National Center for cancer research pertaining to the first scientific research conducted in 1976. Results showed that graviola "leaves and stems effective in attacking and destroying malignant cells." Inexplicably, the results were published in an internal report and never released to the public ...

 .... Since 1976, graviola has proven to be immensely potent cancer killer in 20 independent laboratory tests, but this evidence is not addressed nor blinded physicians, newspapers, media in support of this fact is of great importance ever launched to the public.

.... A study published in the Journal of Natural Products, following a recent study conducted at Catholic University in South Korea, a chemist, said that in graviola found to selectively kill colon cancer cells in potency "10,000 times the efficiency of Adriamycin-A (commonly used In practice, chemotherapy) ... "

.... Most important part of the Catholic University in South Korea shows that graviola is shown to selectively target the cancer cells, leaving healthy cells untouched. Unlike chemotherapy, which indiscriminately targets all actively reproducing cells (such as stomach and hair cells), which often leads to devastating side effects of nausea and hair loss in cancer patients.

... A study at Purdue University recently found that an ingredient from the leaves of the tree graviola precisely and selectively kills cancer cells in focus even among six human cell, and are especially effective against prostate, pancreatic and lung ...

 Seven years of silence is finally broken!

Note:  If you want to order Graviola (capsules, powders) and other natural medicine native to Peru, you can do in this website 'Inkanal'

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