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The Problem Of Stress

What Is Stress?

Hold a wooden pencil between your hands. Slowly apply pressure as you try to bend the pencil. Increase your pressure, and the pencil snaps and breaks. That's an example of mechanical stress. Stress is simply a pressure or a strain that tends to distort a body—whether it be a pencil or a person.

Up to a point, we can all take pressure and strain. At some time, however, the stress can become so great that just like the pencil, we "snap." If and when we "snap" depends on the ways we handle stressful situations.

And, to make it more interesting, all stress is not the same. To handle the stress in your life, you need to understand what type of stresses can be made upon you.

The Types of Stress

Most stress used to be physical and short-term. Now in modern times, stress is usually emotional and long-term. What does this mean?

All living creatures experience short-term, physical stress almost continuously. Finding food, adapting to weather changes, repro…