Sea water - a safe substitute for blood plasma?

My old fear of a blood transfusion or injection of any other items directly into my bloodstream with unprotected becomes increasingly stronger. It is not a religious issue, but rather an occupational hazard. Being a health researcher, haunted by terrible visions of what could go wrong - and with good reason. I feel like a meat inspector who became a vegetarian. I know things that are forever destroyed my innocent belief in everything that has to do with medicine. I no longer believe in the "Church of Modern Medicine", nor willingly pay tithes to its pseudo.

"They", the health industry (read, industrial disease), nowadays better control the blood to detect unsafe blood infected with HIV, hepatitis and other disease, but blood products are still not completely sure, even with modern technology. They can not sterilize blood any more than you can sterilize vaccines to kill any unwanted "bugs" without destroying the nature of these products. They tested blood and blood components are separated by centrifugation and other methods to purify these substances as possible, but it is impossible for them to promise and deliver a completely safe product made from blood. Blood is "alive": it can not be sterilized or rendered antiseptic.

There are countless, decades-old horror stories about blood transfusions, but almost never hear about them. For example, a neighbor down the street lost her husband about four years ago. He was suffering from cancer, but became infected with viral hepatitis from blood transfusions and died of liver failure, not cancer. Many people know someone who has suffered the consequences of blood transfusion gone wrong. It is a fact of life and one of the known risks of surgery, no matter how minor.

   Dangers of vaccines

Unfortunately, I've run across too many stories. Most of my adult life I spent researching and writing in the field of alternative medicine ( with an initial focus on viral and bacterial diseases and vaccines problematic, some of which are still made from pooled human blood or with "attenuated" viruses created by "serial passage" through contaminated animal cell cultures. This means they take human viruses and put them in layers of animal cells over and over again, which forces them to adapt to the cells to survive. This "adaptation" requires an exchange of genetic material between viruses and host cells.

When using monkey kidney cells, exchange of genetic material that occurs forces the human virus to become a little "monkey", allegedly because it could not have full-blown disease - which does not always work. In this process, the original monkey viruses are becoming a little "human", which gives them more compatible with human cells. It could be the case with the infamous Epstein-Barr virus, which they call "human" - although many scientists believe it originated from monkeys, to infect humans through contaminated vaccines in mutated form, and then became associated with chronic fatigue syndrome and other diseases. On the other hand, a species barrier is lower than the monkeys with other animals, which gives us less protection from their pathogens. Biological hazards of monkey viruses are well known in certain scientific circles, but the general public knows little about.

During my research I have been studying the topic of recombinant virology: the combining of different strains of the virus into new, usually with more dangerous characteristics of the "parent" of the virus, by men in white coats playing God. Recombination events can occur under certain circumstances in nature, especially when helped along by bad science. For example, it was discovered that the monkey virus called SV-40 (after becoming the 40th virus found in tissues of monkeys) have unique properties. This "naked virus" can penetrate any kind of cell without a problem "species barrier", and provides a variety of viruses to attach to it and "ride piggyback" the genetic material of cells, where they can take over the "machinery" and your own copy of the new recombined viruses . The discovery of this virus led to the field of recombinant virology, with many dire consequences. SV-40 has become a well-documented but unpublicised contaminant in polio vaccines (produced from cell cultures of monkey kidney), which is since 1955. to 1963. injected with the 95 million recipients who did not know about anything.

The first official claim was that SV-40 viruses "have no relevance to the safety or efficacy of polio vaccines", but when the virus first time since its discovery tested on guinea pigs, the animals were salivary gland tumors and symptoms of immunodeficiency. Corresponding organ in the human pancreas. Deadly pancreatic cancer that has become epidemic. SV-40 is now associated with many cancers, including human mesotheliomas, osteosarcoma, brain tumors, ependymomas, choroid plexus tumors, and others. These same monkey cell cultures, used to make vaccines, contained other viruses such as SIV (simian immunodeficiency virus), which plays an important role in the structure of another recombinant virus known as HIV.

There are no publicly offered evidence that HIV originated natural recombination, but the sophistication of the virus and a documented government requirements to create a similar biological weapon suggest otherwise. However, a study prepared at the request of the World Health Organization (WHO) and later suppressed, in which the African AIDS associated with the WHO vaccination campaigns against measles, polio and other diseases, theorized that viral vaccines "activated" dormant viruses, So this is a possibility that is supported by natural recombination - unless HIV was intentionally added to certain vaccines.

The London Times published a story 11th May 1986, but the U.S. media was withheld. Such information seldom reaches the general public in my country. The same thing happened when he covered up one of the most horrific scientific "errors" in history. At that involved "HeLa cells" - known to most aggressive cultures of cancer cells - which have been completed in laboratories around the world for research, and then contaminated many cell culture used for vaccine ... error. Consider a human vaccine viruses that are grown in cancer cells and exchanging genetic information with the cancerous host cells before being injected into millions of unsuspecting victims!

   Problems with blood transfusions

It's just part of what a person potentially faces when receiving blood from another person or persons with undetected infection. Sam Biser, a researcher in the field of alternative medicine, was interviewed by Dr. William Donald Kelly, DDS, MS, who related a conversation with Dr. Friedman and Burton from the former Immunological Center in Great Neck, New York. Their research reportedly suggested that blood transfusion can destroy your resistance to cancer. Dr. Burton believes, like many religious groups, the transfusion of blood, so to say, can cause cancer. Dr. Burton claimed that the tumor in order to survive, secrete substances called "blocking factors" that protect it from the natural defense systems of the body. He believed that a transfusion would result in blocking of these factors with the service, which would suppress the recipient's immune system enough to allow a tumor to develop. This new tumor would create its own blocking factors. Cancer can not be transmitted directly, but, in this way, blood transfusions may increase one's susceptibility to cancer.

While possible "blocking factors", and contamination from human and animal microbes in the blood somewhat concerned, there are other factors that keep me awake at night ... Someone I knew in college is mentioned incidentally that blood transfusion has changed her life. She described how she recovered from surgery after an accident and waking up with a changed personality. For He blamed his condition a blood transfusion he was given. Since I only knew him after this event I can not say whether the change was positive or negative, but who would want him to be such a thing happen while under anesthesia?

However, something much worse than a personality change had an influence on my opinion in 1981. That year, in Alaska, I gave birth to her only child - which is a much anticipated event for me at the age of 34 years, and the baby's godmother, Ceci Clark, artist and gallery owner of some renown in that country. Ceci bone cancer which was diagnosed immediately. Before they found it, she had surgery for other reasons, and given a blood transfusion. When she awoke, her mind was confused, so to speak. She recognized me, but she thought I was her sister, and confused trying to figure out where it came to babies. Later they found the cancer. She died shortly thereafter.



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