Vitamin D is essential for the immune system

A full range of modern scientific discoveries have shown that vitamin D is crucial for health. A large number of diseases like cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, depression, infertility and many other diseases can be caused by a lack of vitamin D. Recently, scientists discovered that the immune system in the body can not be activated without the D vitamins. Vitamin D has three central functions: regulating the immune system (body defense capabilities), the regulation of cell growth and regulation of hormonal balance.

Created under the influence of the sun, it is found in oily fish, but it gets me too. Most people are deficient in vitamin D, especially in the northern hemisphere and especially in the winter months. This is not good because the scientists found strong evidence about the relationship between vitamin D deficiency and risk for many diseases and diseased conditions of the organism.

It has been shown that vitamin D provides significant protection against many diseases, from cancer to infertility and mental illness. Recently, scientists at the University of Copenhagen, get important insights on how vitamin D protects us from disease. A team of scientists led by Professor Carsten Geisler showed in fact that vitamin D is decisively important for cell defense mechanism, the so-called T-lymphocytes. The main function of T-lymphocytes is detected when a foreign body / substance in the bloodstream to fight the intruders. However, if in the bloodstream do not have enough vitamin D to T-lymphocytes can not even running. We can say that vitamin D acts as a kind of battery, without which these cells can not work.

Vitamin D also helps the immune system get better, ie not to go wild they otherwise could lead to autoimmune disease where the body attacks its own cells. Modern research in recent years has shown that vitamin D may help protect against diabetes type 1 and type 2, cancer, multiple sclerosis and psychiatric diseases like schizophrenia and depression. Scientists have identified over 2000 genes that prevent the emergence of various diseases that are activated by using the D vitamins. It looks like there is no end of positive characteristics of vitamin D that is involved in so many vital functions. Why then half of humanity suffers from a lack of this important substance?

   The sun is a source of vitamin D

Scientists believe that the strikingly increase vitamin D deficiency in recent years has to do with the many warnings about the hazards of the sun. It is argued that too much sun can cause cancer but also came to the paradoxical situation that simply gets too little sun. Although the sun can cause skin cancer, sufficient vitamin D, which is formed under the influence of the sun can be a protective factor that prevents cancer. Source of vitamin D is sunlight. In summer, it is enough to stay 20 minutes in the sun every day that was filled with reserves of vitamin D which is consistent with a dose of 250 micrograms. To get the same amount from other sources besides the sun, for example, should we eat 1 kg of salmon, 50 glass of milk or 50 multivitamin tablets. This dose is 50 times higher than the daily dose of 5 micrograms which is determined by the official recommendations.

Could come to an overdose of vitamin D? Some studies have shown that it takes more than 1,000 micrograms a day to get in a healthy person caused vomiting, headache or heart problems, but more research is needed to establish the possible side effects with long-term overdose and for this reason, experts are careful in determining the official recommendations. But more and more scientists seeking to official recommendations of the recommended dose of vitamin D supplementation to change because of increasing scientific evidence that the positive effects of vitamin D on health. Professor Carsten Geisler believes that it is not known exactly what the optimum concentration of vitamin D in the blood, ie, that amount is needed to protect us against infection and disease, but it is certainly beneficial for healthy people to take preventive vitamin D supplementation.

   Regulation of the immune system

Lack of vitamin D increases the risk of developing autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. When we speak of the immune system or defense capabilities of the organism we know that the immune system can be our friend and enemy. If it is too vulnerable to infections, and if it works too hard and incorrectly can damage our body because it can lead to allergies and autoimmune diseases. Vitamin D has more functions and stimulates and soothes the activity of immune cells.

Vitamin D is concerned for immune reactions in the body that should disable the side of the body, but also prevents the immune system attacks your own body. Studies have shown that there is a connection between vitamin D deficiency and disorders that are caused when the immune system attacks your own body (autoimmune diseases) eg nerve cells (multiple sclerosis), the cells that produce insulin (type 1 diabetes), the cells of cartilage and joints (rheumatoid arthritis) , skin cells (Infantile eczema and psoriasis) and cells in the intestinal wall (inflammation in the intestines).

Vitamin D therefore has a vital role as a regulator of the immune system. In people with low vitamin D levels in the blood it has been ascertained that more frequent incidence of autoimmune diseases and infectious diseases eg colds and flu, which is normally overcome the body's immune system.

   The regulation of cell growth

It is possible that cancers are related to vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D has many effects on cell growth and changes in cells which makes it a valuable weapon against cancer. In recent years, spent a full range of scientific studies showing a link between low vitamin D levels and increased risk of 17 cancers as breast, kidney, prostate and lung. Meanwhile research shows that daily intake of 25 micrograms (1000 international units) to be 40-75% lower risk for ailments ranging from lung cancer, breast, pancreas and colon.

To cancer occurs as a result of uncontrolled reproduction of cells and vitamin D stimulates at least three genes that can stop cell growth. Prevent the growth of cells is necessary in order to be able to properly develop the organs of the unborn baby in the stomach, to stop the immune cells in their aggression, to the bones and muscles develop properly and that the digestion and metabolism to function properly. Because vitamin D deficiency can cause disruption of these important functions in the body.

Vitamin D controls the growth of skin cells. Infantile eczema and psoriasis are chronic diseases that occur when skin cells are produced in a wrong way which can lead to inflammation. Vitamin D stops the inflammation and regulates the growth of skin cells, are therefore often used to treat psoriasis.

   Regulation of hormone

Hormonal balance has an impact on all processes in the body and is dependent on sufficient amounts of vitamin D. There are indications that vitamin D is crucial for fertility. Vitamin D ensures the balance between hormones in the body. Too little vitamin D reduces the levels of some hormones and raises the other, which can lead to disorders and diseases. New studies suggest that vitamin D plays an important role for the possibility of conception and fertility in general. 2008 years two independent research teams from the USA and Australia have shown the indisputable link between vitamin D deficiency and fertility in women and sperm quality in men. In one study has shown low levels of vitamin D in 90% of women who have had problems with ovulation, while another study showed that 33% of men with fertility problems had vitamin D deficiency.

The precise mechanisms are still unknown but certain factors suggest that vitamin D is involved in the maturation of sex cells. Many scientists are concerned that the lack of vitamin D a reason for the growing infertility. Therefore, use of vitamin D supplements can be good and less risky alternative to existing methods of stimulating fertility.

It is generally known that vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption and thus important in preventing osteoporosis, and "the English disease" (rickets), which results in abnormal bone development. In addition it is shown that Vitamin D has effects on brain function. Vitamin D stimulates the growth of nerve cells and the production of neurotransmitters, which may explain the link between vitamin D deficiency and risk of developing schizophrenia. It is believed that vitamin D has an antidepressant effect because it prevents the inflammatory response and regulate calcium balance in the nervous system.

Recently, two European studies have shown clearly the connection between vitamin D and lack learning difficulties which may be a sign of early dementia as eg Alzheimer's disease. What people have lower levels of vitamin D to have worse results shown in the mental test. People with the highest level of vitamin D showed twice as better than those with the lowest levels of vitamin.

   How do I get myself in enough vitamin D

In practice we only have two good sources: regular exposure to sunlight or dietary supplement. Swim 15-30 minutes in bright sun with exposed uncovered body parts without protective factors, without having to burn naturally. To lead to effective production of vitamin D in your body, the sun must be so high that your shadow is shorter than your body.

With the lack of sunlight in winter months or at irregular sun exposure is recommended vitamin D supplement. Older preparations contain very low doses as an example 400 IU (international units) according to the outdated dietary recommendations. There are newer products on the market that contains 2,000 IU. Moderate doses for disease prevention for adults is 2,000 IU for children under 10 years of 1000 IU. When the disease should be taken 2-3 times higher dose. Sometimes vitamin D writes in micrograms: 1 microgram of vitamin D corresponds to 40 IU (international units). 2,000 IU corresponds to 50 micrograms So. Exactly the amount an individual may be required to determine the blood test 25-OH-D (25 hydroxy vitamin D test) if you come across a doctor who is willing to give you a referral for this simple test. It is possible that your doctor has not even heard of this test because of the importance of vitamin D supplementation to become current until the last year or two. The result of this test should be between 50-80 ng / mL (or 125-200 nmol / L).

It is very difficult to come to an overdose. In all known cases of poisoning vitamin D people have taken at least 30 000 IU per day, ie about 10 times more than what is recommended here. Certainly, it is considered to 10 000 IU per day, but for any chance of taking over 4000 IU per day is necessary to make the test for determining the value of vitamin D in the body. It is important that the form of vitamin D by taking a dietary supplement is D 3 (cholecalciferol).

In my family we take the supplement of vitamin D from the summer of 2009. It was a time when she starred hysteria about swine flu and I investigated a lot of which they can protect children without being vaccinated (the vaccine was not an option). Then I learned a lot about vitamin D and since everyone takes it as a dietary supplement. My husband and I at 2000 IU, 1000 IU for children. Younger son who does not know to swallow capsules given vitamin D in the drops. We have not been seriously ill for two winters. I am who I had dragged a cold with blocked nose and sinuses inflamed by 15-20 days, now I feel that we came cold virus by making a small juniper bush one day and that's it. Of course, that good nutrition plays a major role in strengthening the immune system. So I would say that is a winning combination: LCHF diet + supplement of vitamin D and Omega 3 The need for vitamin D and omega-3 can be satisfied eg Green Pasture products.

This will be very difficult to penetrate within the framework of official medicine. Safe but themselves can guess why: one ordinary vitamin is fairly simple and inexpensive way to maintain good health and can not be patented. Of which will then Big Pharma start making enormous sums of money which otherwise earns by selling all sorts of medicines and the sick and healthy? Read, Think, alternate opinions, commentary. Become an expert in his own body and take responsibility for their health.



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