Prozac - the drug promotes suicide

Every night around the gathering shadows of his bed. Usually they occur during the early morning hours. Hitting his head on the wall and you cut the arm or neck, sharp knives. Wake up bathed in sweat. John Virapen (67) did not personally kill anyone, but it feels indirectly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people. All of these shadows, in fact, all these people who are no longer alive, consumed drugs. His medications.

Virapen John, born in British Guyana, 35 years he worked in the pharmaceutical industry, making ten years at Eli Lilly, and used all his wit to these people, these shadows, they sell more drugs. Assured, lied, manipulated, concealed, directly bribed many physicians, until his retirement, to sick, or worse, a healthy patient just copied his drug business.

Then three years ago, something in it broke. His little son from his second marriage, was supposed to go to the vaccination. John, tells us today, while living in Germany, said his wife did not want the doctor to his son that any vaccine is before he talk with him personally.

"He was only six months and his doctor wanted to give the vaccine. But for me it all came back ... All those memories ... and I refused, "he told us Virapan.He decided to tell the whole world the truth. Because her son and because of all the sons and daughters of this world who have become, he said, new target groups of the pharmaceutical industry and threatened to become voluntary pill eaters.

He wrote a book that became an absolute bestseller in Europe, called "side-effect: death." It is not known but it announced a publishing house, although it should. Was arranged for an advance of 10 000 euros and signed a contract with just one such house, and then suddenly withdrew. The reasons for withdrawal, no doubt, be found in the fact that his book, which is in Croatia, Zagreb published a small publishing house Omega member, actually a profession of pharmaceutical insider who tells in detail what all the tricks used by Big Pharma to sell more drugs.

Big Pharma is ironic collective name for the group of the world's largest pharmaceutical company, also a synonym for their greed and unscrupulousness. Although Virapen primarily provides examples related to Eli Lilly, noted several times that it is common practice for other pharmaceutical giants. "Side Effects: death is not an easy book. Will not you act as a confession of insiders from the tobacco industry - to extinguish a cigarette and never go to the kiosk for a new box. In the book Virapen's side effects are dangerous as in the thriller - includes suicide, murder and multiple murder in which, until recently completely healthy people, forced medications that are consumed.

What is that John discovered the world? So, for example, that pharmaceutical companies spend on practicing physicians between 35 and $ 40 000 a year to persuade him to prescribe its products. He also discovered that more than 75 percent of the leading researchers in medicine, "salary" of the pharmaceutical industry. This means not only that they are bribing expensive trips, gifts or, very directly, with money to prescribe certain drugs, but also that they are the same methods of bribes to a positive report on the drug after the public has already learned that these medicines have serious, and even fatal side effects.

Virapen in the book and discovered that for many newly approved medications are only short-term clinical trials and that probably did not know what the actual effects they have on the health of patients who take them a long time or even for life. Also, many medications that are now on sale at the market are due solely because someone bribed. And, what the most painful - the pharmaceutical industry began inventing diseases to boost the market and are increasingly turning to children, at the earliest age, to create customers for life. Why do they do?

"This is just one. Cash, briefly answer John.

Virapen the pharmaceutical industry began work 1968th year. He started as a salesman, who knocks on the door a doctor, but over the years has progressed in his career and came to the position of CEO Eli Lilly, Sweden, and later worked for the global players like Novo Nordisk and Lundbeck of Denmark. In three and a half decades of work which has not sold - it was a miraculous anti-arthritis pills, the second time of rejuvenation therapy (growth hormone), the third time, insulin, and the fourth time the magical antidepressant. Between the 1981st, when he began working as a sales manager for Lilly in Sweden, and 1988., Sales rose from $ 700,000 to 15 million U.S. dollars annually. It was an increase of more than twenty times. John's salary each year also continued to grow. After a year he became general manager of Lilly Sweden, a game with the doctors, which began innocently - donated the flowers, meanwhile, was lifted to a higher level.

More rural doctors is not given to leather folders, fountain pens and printed blocks with recipes, but the doctors paid scientists to write a positive report on the drug, for example in a medical journal. Professional language of it is called buying opinion makers.

One of them, usually a specialist in pain management, who worked for the Swedish Health Administration, received a series of payments from Lilly for alleged consulting, examination booklets and training representatives. Specialist for the pain he had no office, his name never appeared on the records of meetings. Would become active only when they are about Lilly and its products are bad articles published, for example those of unexpected side effects, impure ingredients or dissatisfied patients. The good doctor would immediately after such a positive article written about Lilly that was published in the medical journal, which calmed down the medical circles, and the doctors would continue without reservation to receive Lilly pharmaceutical representatives.

The next step was the monopolization of the market. Eli Lilly had a new drug, called. blockbuster, intended for the treatment of arthritis. The active substance was called benoksaprofen and Virapen it planned to introduce as a miraculous cure. The first step was to get approval for the drug in Sweden, the regulatory body for drugs. Brand name of the drug in Sweden should be Oprene, in the U.S. is planning to sell as Oraflex, and in Germany under the name Coxigon.

John went into action. Organized a symposium in a sumptuous five-star hotel in one of the Swedish island. Invited course all opinion makers. The menu was excellent, the program was led by famous TV star, and in the meantime held a small presentation about the new drug, which were held in which experts believed the opinions of 100 percent. The atmosphere was intoxicating, and the drink was served, and opinion makers have been burned with the desire to tell all about the new miracle cures. Mass advertising has led to the fact that the drug in all countries where it has already been approved, and soon was everywhere prescribed. In Britain it is known to regulate even 55 000 prescriptions per week, which meant income of half a million U.S. dollars. In just seven days.

In the midst of marketing activities in Sweden, Virapen first heard that the drug has some problems, which drew a drug registration in Denmark. Apparently there were side effects that are manifested in the kidney and liver. On returning from a business trip from Rome, John was on the plane got a fax that his bosses told that no one not discussed benoksaprofen. Miraculous cure, which is in England to sell like crazy, just started to withdraw from the market, which meant that the marketing campaign in Sweden had to be stopped immediately.

While he was general manager of Lilly Sweden Virapen had no idea that the drug can cause death. The heads are only covered up information from patients, but also of its employees. The book Virapen, particularly to the benoksaprofen, says it's done. In 1980. in the United States has submitted a request to register the drug. Already after one year of application start arriving first reports of side effects - liver problems, which in some cases lead to death. What do the top people at Eli Lilly? No debate on how quickly they can pull a drug from the market, but whether we should change the instructions for using the drug. Choose to add that it is possible to kidney failure, but not fatal failure.

To 1982. The German authorities have received 91 application of side effects, and the British even 35 000, of which 61 with fatal consequences. Information is sent to the headquarters of Eli Lilly in The United States, but they are not forwarded to Lilly U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is preparing a marketing approval for the drug. Indeed, FDA has no idea about the deaths because the approval of the drug used only data from clinical trials by the manufacturer. Finally, the Danish authorities and the FDA, which sent information about the death of the patient, and Eli Lilly begins PR campaign that cost millions and which sent reporters promotional materials for the drug. In the meantime, the drug is still registered in the U.S.. Only in August 1982nd the drug is withdrawn from the U.S. market.

Until a real trial and the confessions never occurred because the Lilly pleaded guilty before the trial began, in order to conceal the true extent of the damage caused by the medication. The penalty was ridiculous: $ 25 000 fines for Lilly and $ 15,000 for the medical scientist Ian Sheddena. Ministry of Justice of the United States has concluded that at least 27 people died due benoksaprofen, and 200 were still suffering from kidney failure or liver. The Court concluded that the Lilly's concealment of death "standard practice in the industry", in other words - have not made anything that does not work, and others. Perhaps this can explain why the United States 22 years after it occurred almost identical to the scandal Merck's cure for arthritis, Vioxx, from whom also subsequently determined that the employees deliberately concealed information about harmful side effects. "If you kill enough people, whether the murder will become the new moral standard?" Asks Virapen in the book.

Despite the fiasco with benoksaprofen, Virapen did not stop. Lilly had a new blockbuster - was called fluoxetine the active substance, but it is much better known as Prozac. Prozac spells based on what was called a serotonergic theory. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain of a 60-s of the last century, has spread the idea that an imbalance of serotonin leads to depression, hyperactivity and other disorders, although two American scientists, Jeffrey R. Lacasse and Jonathan Leo, did not find any link between serotonin levels and psychiatric disorders, and no scientific proof of the ideal "chemical balance" of serotonin (let alone a pathological imbalance!). Indeed, they proved that the level of serotonin is not possible to measure the brains of living people.

 But that knowledge came much later. Exploring in his laboratory fluoxetine - which apparently affects the level of serotonin - Lilly discovered something very interesting. While taking a new agent, some patients lose weight. Fat people are the holy grail of the pharmaceutical industry, because there are many. Of them are better just by those who think they are overweight because they were more, and those that could be convinced that thick. But quirks was to get approval for a substance that can be used for medicine for reducing weight, because it required a new comprehensive study and investigation. Lilly was in a hurry, so register fluoxetine as an antidepressant, counting on the active substance, with time, it is easier to register for some other disorders (which is a common trick of the pharmaceutical industry).

"To see how to fluoxetine could not pass the approval process in Sweden, data have shown some Swedish psychiatrists. Laughed at the confused and shakes his head. We did it probably thought seriously! I can not even remember the medical details of which were laughed at. It was a big problem. It is not pleasant to hear so that psychiatrists should know because you do not have hope, "she tells Virapen in the book. Soon it became clear that the Swedish regulatory authority does not plan to approve a drug. They were not confident in his favor. In addition, data from clinical trials indicated that the use of Prozac linked with an increased rate of suicide among patients.

Virapen became desperate because he heads pressed to approve of fluoxetine in Sweden. He was able to discover the identity of the independent experts who evaluated the effectiveness of fluoxetine for the Swedish regulatory agency, and bribed him. I paid him 100 000 SEK, which at that time amounted to about $ 20,000. Half got right now, along with a huge pile of papers on the medicine that had to be re-edited. Deaths are now missing from the note. Others were a matter of statistics and word games. For example, the sentence: "Of the ten people who took an active substance, five had hallucinations and attempted suicide, and four of those subjects that has succeeded," was transformed into the following: "With one respondent everything went according to plan, in four subjects reported weight loss, and the five remaining patients had various effects. Suddenly, the awful word suicide, there is nowhere else. Cure at the end has not been approved in Sweden, but not because they did not pass regulatory bodies, but because he insisted on too high Lilly drug prices in negotiations with the Swedish Ministry of Health. But he became a hit in the rest of the world.

"Marketing is done by modern medicine. Then there was a lot of depressed people. Fluoxetine was sold as a cure for lifting mood. Allegedly brought a positive attitude towards life. And whom would not like it? The success of Prozac has catapulted the entire family of drugs related to serotonin on the top of the list of best-selling drugs. The sad thing is that Lilly's original plan for the distribution of fluoxetine as a drug for weight reduction is not even supposed to succumb, because Prozac has been developed into a blockbuster antidepressant, "writes Virapen.

List of side effects caused by taking Prozac would be impressive that is not scary. They range from the banal, such as abdominal pain, dry mouth and lack of appetite, impotence, fatal heart failure, liver problems, aggressive behavior, abnormal thoughts, thoughts of suicide and suicide. In clinical trials 1986th years, from 1000 patients who were taking Prozac, 12.5 percent of them committed suicide! Another, later examination of Prozac, in 1995., Had a suicide rate that was six times higher. But the real scandal is the fact that the Eli Lilly knew about the investigation. The real scandal is that they knew before the first requested permission to put medicine on sale.

Virapen in the book describes how Lilly has manipulated the numbers of patients who participated in clinical trials of Prozac. In a letter to U.S. physicians from 31 August 1990. Lilly writes that "in clinical trials included more than 11,000 persons, of whom more than 6000 treated with Prozac. This is the first trap, because the medicine is drunk 11.000, but only 6000 people. Further analysis shows that it was not 6000, but actually 5600th In real scientific research, then double-blind, participated in them, however, only the 1730th Then the test should be excluded a number of patients, due to the test series had to start from scratch - for example, those who are too responded well to a placebo, because they were not really cured Prozac, rather than sugar pills, or to put patients at risk of suicide (which is actually directly proves that the drug, and not the disease comes to suicide).

Basically, the Virapen's calculation, the rest is just 286 people who are truly engaged in clinical testing of these 11 000. Testing on 286 people allowed revenue of 500 million U.S. dollars. Because tests on 286 people being prescribed Prozac and taken countless times around the world. Other millions of people who drank it, outside of official testing, do not willingly become Lilly guinea pigs. Otherwise, 286 people is not enough even to let the poll be declared insignificant representative. In addition, claims Virapen, there is no single proven case that someone in the study healed from severe depression, because it never really is not explored.

"The fact that nobody actually feels better than Prozac, Eli Lilly knew from 1984. year. Indeed, President of Eli Lilly, Sidney Taurello, I feel so untouchable that was once publicly stated that drugs have absolutely no effect on 50 percent of those who drink, "writes Virapen. Since the launch, Prozac until 2007. year, when he published a book Virapen, was prescribed more than 54 million times.

  Children as eaters tablets

 Pharmaceutical market, he says Virapen, today is already so saturated with that, the marketing jargon terms, seek to expand the line: when a segment has reached a ceiling, begin to look for a new one. A new market segment today are children.
  "Have you heard of ADHD? Hyperactivity disorder with attention deficit? It is about children who can not sit alone, that others fall into the word, which interferes with the teaching - children who are behaving like an ordinary, maladjusted children. According to the pharmaceutical industry these children suffer from a disease called ADHD. Of course there is a cure for it, otherwise you would not have produced so much and aggressively advertised. One of the most famous products is Ritalin. Newer drug Strattera comes from Eli Lilly Company. For now, nobody knows what kind of developmental disorders and long-term damage caused by this drug. Nevertheless, it provides every day a thousand times by supposedly hyperactive children. And not only him. In Germany, children may prescribe Prozac, "explains Virapen.
How to invent diseases

In the story of an antidepressant, it builds the story of a pharmaceutical invention of new diseases, where the psyche and social contacts are an inexhaustible field of inspiration for the manipulators. 1950 - ies Virapen notes, it was a hundred different manifestations of depression. Today it is three times more. How is this achieved? Easy! "If you ask someone if he felt sometimes in one way and another time in another way - most people will answer affirmatively. Mood swings are perfectly normal. But when ordinary mood swings are treated as signs of depression, the number of people with depression is growing and includes 90 percent of the population. And if you ever manage to find someone whose mood does not change, who is always cheerful and happy, it's worse. According to recent studies, it is a true sign of a potential problem, "writes Virapen.

Himself cured of diabetes

Since she published the book "Side Effects: death," writes Virapen people from all over the world. He says he gets a lot of letters from ordinary people, but also from doctors and employees of the pharmaceutical industry. Two days before our conversation, I received a letter from a doctor from one of the neighboring Croatian (did not want to reveal which one), in which he congratulated the doctor and said that for years waiting for someone to write a book like this. "That tells me that's out there a lot of professionals, doctors, who know what I'm talking about, but their personal fears to speak publicly, " he says Virapen.
Write to him from the Croatian people? "Yes, after I had recently in Croatia to promote his book, and I started getting letters and email from the Croats. Many of them wrote to me about the scandal with the swine flu vaccine that occurred last year with you and that is exactly in Croatia launches initiative against the vaccine, "he told us Virapen.
In the meantime, since he wrote the book "Side Effects: death, Virapen wrote another book about the secrets of the pharmaceutical industry, which should be released next year, if he had money, and think and to write a book about his experience diseased. Virapen, namely, diabetic and heart patient, who was a year ago took a lot of drugs. As his condition is not repaired, but he was even worse and he began to study alternative medicine and drugs, diet and changed - stopped taking insulin. He feels, he says, much better.


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