Healed on the way Gerson, Part 2

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      Elements of Therapy


Food is fairly restrictive. Although herself a vegan diet, the treatment using certain supplements of animal origin. Milk and milk products, as well as all the meat is prohibited. It is interesting that they are banned and some foods that are otherwise generally considered healthy, such as seeds and the juice of young wheat, for which the practice has shown that more harm than help. Soybeans and soy products, all are also prohibited. Patients do not drink the water: it is considered that additional water would only dilute the digestive juices unnecessarily patients. Since oil is used only linseed and castor oil.
One of the main elements of the diet drinks. They use the four basic types of juice: apple-carrot, carrots (clean), orange juice and green juice (from salads of cabbage and other greens). Usually you drink 13 glasses of juice throughout the day. The food is mostly raw, but Dr. Gerson believed that a certain percentage of cooked foods is necessary in order to facilitate the digestion and appetite of patients. One of ordinary ingredients is "Hippocrates soup 'which is attributed to a great detoxification power. When cooking, great attention is paid to the retention of nutrients, so use a low heat and minimal amounts of water. Aluminum cookware is prohibited and is recommended for use silver cutlery.


More from the time he worked with tuberculosis Gerson knew that the liver plays a key role in recovery. Among other things, it removes toxins from the body by metabolism them so that they can be excreted in bile and out through the intestines. He concludes that detoxifying the liver needed an enema, with best results of coffee enema. From the research it was known that the coffee enema spreading bile ducts and facilitates the flow of bile. Tried the enema for their patients and they have confirmed that they feel better. Even patients who are due to severe pain were codeine and morphine have confirmed that their coffee enema helps more than analgesics.
Most patients received four caffeic enema daily, in cases of great toxic and more. In patients who must absorb a large mass of tumors have additional night enema. Dr. Gerson has argued that his experience has shown that in such cases two or three enemies are not sufficient, and that patients may fall into the hepatic coma and die. Autopsy of these cases showed that death was due toxic liver.
It is used about 900 ml of coffee prepared by enema. Being part of an enema to remove minerals from the gut, it is believed that one should maintain a balance between the number of enemies and consumed juices. In cases where the patient vomits, and some juices can be administered rectally, warmed to body temperature. They can not throw, but retain them until the body does not absorb. Castor oil is also occasionally used as an enema.


Under the "remedies" usually mean the pharmaceutical drugs used in allopathic medicine. The Gerson therapy under the notion that include nutritional supplements, which mainly consist of natural substances. Dr. Gerson believed that one of the main problems in all chronic degenerative diseases, loss of potassium and sodium penetration into the cells. Food in the developed world is relatively poor in potassium and contains far too much sodium. To correct these imbalances, added to the diet of patients 10% solution three potassium salts. For the same reason, it is completely ejected from eating salt containing sodium.
Injections of crude extracts of animal liver and capsules with dried, defatted liver powder are provided to facilitate the recovery of liver patients. To accelerate the metabolism of iodine is added in the form of diluted Lugol solution and thyroid pills. Patients are given even more pills and vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin B12, pancreatin (digestive enzyme extract of the pancreas), pepsin (an enzyme of the stomach), and recently included in the coenzyme Q10 and defatted colostrum. They are also used injections amygdaline, compounds from apricot kernels which is believed to selectively destroy tumor cells.
Taking other vitamin or mineral supplements are not recommended. Dr. Gerson is particularly harmful considered taking extra calcium.

  Restrictions Gerson therapy

If the treatment is carried out at home requires a great deal of time and effort, since the addition of special diet and enema takes about 13 times a day to prepare fresh juice. It is important to have fresh squeezed juices as enzymes would not be destroyed under the influence of air and light. The patient is often not able to do it all alone, so he needs the help of family members or caregivers.
Although Gerson therapy works on a huge range of diseases and conditions, which would be very difficult to count, there are certain conditions which do not give satisfactory results. Primarily it is a disease affecting the central nervous system. Gerson therapy can be treated with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease), Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, muscular dystrophy, emphysema and chronic kidney disease (if it has progressed to the need for dialysis). Some forms of childhood leukemia also can not react fast enough. In the difficult position of the patients who were treated with prednisone and long-term chemotherapy.

The following is an excerpt from the sixth chapter of the book "Healing The Gerson Way", which will soon come out in the release Teledisk. Authors of books are Charlotte Gerson and Beata Bishop, a London psychotherapist herself cured Gershom patients.


Of all the diseases that we consider, the cancer is undoubtedly the one that causes the greatest fear. Its incidence is increasing, the effects are devastating to him - as well as side effects of orthodox treatments available - and the mortality rate is high. And most importantly, remains apparently incurable. Taking this into account, it is not difficult to understand that the reaction of most people on the mere mention of the ultimate fear of cancer.
Consider more closely the penance, which the medical dictionary describes as "an uncontrolled growth of cells originating from normal tissue," adding that the disease comprises over 200 different species. It draws some questions: Why is the uncontrolled growth? What are the normal controls and why cancel? Why is a cancer killer? And the so-called benign tumors can be "uncontrolled" growth. They are non-invasive (ie, do not spread), can be removed fairly easily and usually do not occur again. How to turn into malignant killers?
Although benign tumors are not cancer, they are growths that do not belong in the body and an early breakdown of the body's defenses. Not necessarily occur again, but they tend to over time, physical defense that continues to weaken, become malignant. Identify tumors as malignant when attacking the surrounding tissue and tumor cells also released into the bloodstream. These cells circulate in the bloodstream are able to create a new colony, known as metastasis, which grow in other tissues. Eventually invade and destroy vital organs, leading to death.
The body has a defense system that maintains homeostasis, the state of dynamic balance of internal environment. Disturbance of this balance initiates the process of cell decay, and the disorder can be caused by various chemicals, particularly carcinogens, viruses, radiation, ultraviolet radiation, and tobacco. Interestingly, it can be caused by cytotoxic chemicals used in treating cancer and, of course - the wrong diet.
The cancer can occur in the body that function normally because of his defense to recognize and destroy any cancer cells that might arise or are not allowed to develop at all. The immune system plays a leading role in the defense. Recognizes cancer cells as foreign invaders and destroys it, as it did with any germ or virus that enters the body. However, the immune system, along with other defenses (eg, enzyme and hormonal system and the proper equilibrium of minerals), consists of organs and glands that need proper nutrients and can only function if they are not blocked poisons. When these conditions are not achieved by various forms of defense are not able to fulfill its mission, and there is nothing to prevent the survival and proliferation of malignant cells.
Cancer is said to have over 200 different types because each type of cells under a microscope looks different, depending on the type of tissue from which they come. However, in all cases of cancer is basically an uncontrolled proliferation of cells. This definition even includes leukemia and myeloma that are not included in the group of solid tumors, since it affects the bone marrow where their cancer cells also proliferate.
Instead of solid tumors that cause some cancers that attack the tissues break down and cause severe open wounds. Their edges are usually consist of swelling filled with malignant tissue, which attacks and breaks down every living tissue that touches. This guy also multiplies.
Cancer is further divided into two major and several minor categories, depending on the tissue from which it derives. Cancers originated from epithelial tissue, which surrounds all the organs, blood vessels and mucous membranes of the body are called carcinomas. They represent the largest number of malignancy. Those that originate from connective tissue, bone, blood vessels and lymphatic system are called sarcomas. Their treatment of Gerson therapy is equally effective for both categories, and requires little adjustment.
The most aggressive forms of cancer (eg melanoma, an aggressive lymphoma and small cell lung cancer), Gerson fastest respond to treatment. This could be because you are the most altered in comparison to normal cells, and is therefore immune system begins to recover easily able to identify these cells. Similarly, excellent results are achieved with ovarian cancer, even after some chemotherapy treatments. This does not imply that other malignancy do not respond. However, as pointed out by Dr. Gerson, a gland cancers, including breast and prostate, are located in glands whose input and output indoor tumor cells. This fresh oxygenated blood, supplemented with enzymes, and immunological substances, difficult access to malignant cells and killing them. Over time, this problem resolved and I tumors are destroyed. However, this may explain why the prostate and breast tumors need more time to subside.
Patients must understand that, even if their tumors disappear, they are still not completely healed. That is what Dr. Gerson most apparent split in opinion with the orthodox oncology was his understanding that, in cancer, the tumor is not a disease but merely a symptom of the breakdown of basic body systems. In other words, cancer is not a thing (ie tumor) but rather a process that encompasses the entire body.
It is therefore of paramount importance to the disappearance of the tumor only mean that the response recovered to the point of removing threats to the life of the patient, but this is not the same as cure. Right, complete cure can only happen when all the patient's organs restored, literally re-built, best of ecologically grown food and the continuation of detoxification. Recovery is almost just when corrupted poisoned liver cleanse and renew the possible normal state. The difficulty is that there is no test that shows how the liver is restored and how it works. Tests of liver enzymes are useful but incomplete. The patient may have "normal" test results even if the malignancy is still present. Chemical composition of blood, blood and urine analysis showed that only the basic organs are functioning again in a sufficient extent that the body can heal.
A patient who recovers may become upset or disappointed when he did all this to explain. Yet the need to achieve a complete cure should be above all other factors. If you do not fully understand the reason for this, there is a risk. When the results of all tests to become 'normal' tumors were no longer visible. A local doctor, unfamiliar with the principles of Gerson, the patient says that "in practical terms" cured. Patients with interrupted therapy, get a relapse and die. Unfortunately, it happened more than once, which lost a lot of effort, hope and a precious life.


Due to a long, successful history of Gerson therapy cancer treatment could involve enough case studies to fill an entire book. Indeed, available a separate booklet in which they recorded cure of various cancers. Here we describe two cases to illustrate how the body should suffer any major damage before the appearance of malignancy. In both cases, the patients were too young (32 and 42 years) to suffer from cancer.
D. L. three-year, so over pneumonia. A year later removed her appendix. During his teenage years had a minor health problem, in his early twenties, received a number of inflammation of the bladder who were treated with antibiotics. They beat the infection, but settled candidates. Drugs were removed this problem, but returned to bladder inflammation, which was again treated with antibiotics. Created a cycle that lasted a few years. DL fell into depression and was treated with antidepressants. After continuous treatment of medication is affected by unusually aggressive lymphoma, which, as she was told, did not respond to conventional treatments. Instead, they offered her a bone marrow transplant. She refused and instead began with intense Gerson therapy, which is closely held approximately three years. At the end of that period no longer suffered from any of all of their problems - lymphoma, bladder infections, candida and depression. Since then, all the time well.

DW as a young girl suffering from depression and panic attacks. It was under the antidepressants during the twenties and thirties. Despite her constant drug treatment of panic attacks have worsened to the point where she could no longer be alone in the room, out on the street or hang out with people. In his late thirties, suffering from diabetes.
1955. at the age of 42 years, suffering severe pain, reported in the San Antonio Community Hospital in Upland, California. The diagnosis was left ovarian carcinoma, with metastases to the uterus and right ovary.
DW were subjected to hysterectomy with reconstruction rectal wall. At the same time the number of nodules found in the colon and abdominal wall, but many nodes, as well as seedlings in vaginal wall, were left in place. In addition, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) revealed a cyst in his left kidney patients. Doctors have assured that once DW starts with chemotherapy, and she arranged a meeting. However, the day before that, after extensive research, she found the information on Gerson therapy, chemotherapy canceled and instead went to the Gerson clinic in Mexico. DW remained on the Gerson protocol two years, and cure of all problems. They did not have the necessary hormones to control her surgically induced menopause, or drugs to control her diabetes. Panic attacks are stopped, and the cysts on the kidney is gone.


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