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Western medicine is often criticized for excessive focus on narrow parameters and the neglect of man as an individual. Although these questions difficult to scientifically study, we have the courage to explore all the short-and long-term advantages and possible disadvantages of the practice of mass vaccination, rather than simply hold beliefs that anyone who doubts the benefits of immunization charlatan or a religious fanatic. (Richard Fried)

If you are a parent of one of the important decisions that you will encounter literally, but after cutting the umbilical cord of your child's immunization issue: vaccinate or not to vaccinate children? While still in the maternity ward, the first or second day of his earthly life, children routinely received BCG vaccine - a vaccine that the public is as effective protection against TB, and up to the age of majority Earthling today on average receives less than twenty different vaccines.

What to do at that point, but with all of these later required vaccinations, you do not want you to give your perfectly healthy baby injected vaccine, for which you have heard that is not really necessary, and is not one hundred percent effective, and in some cases are dramatic side effects, even death? Do you have a right as a parent you decide whether to give their child vaccinated or not? After all, why should someone making such a basic right wants to take away? ...

These and hundreds of other issues to impose itself, but to reach people who can give you complete answers, provide full insight into the whole problem though is a little harder. This text therefore only intends to introduce you to the reasons that might prompt to reconsider its inertia and blindly believing the dominant advertising drill medical and pharmaceutical cartels, and direct you to the people, books and places where you can learn the other side of the coin, that is familiar is the risk of vaccination.

Everywhere in the world is, in general, the process of a comprehensive population vaccination same, everywhere the same and I have access to vaccination only company which is wrapped in different countries in different climate and the mentality of custom, laws, regulations, and Trojan horses "democracy" and "freedom of choice ". Everywhere, throughout the globe, it is the only indisputable fact is expected from parents to agree to mandatory routine vaccination of their children, which lasts from birth to 18 the child, and which are for medical and pharmaceutical interest-machine scripture whose two main, the only recognized and orthodox Gospels are as follows: the individual has no freedom to endanger the health of society in its decision on vaccination and immunization is the only practical and reliable way to prevent epidemics and potentially dangerous disease. Who else thinks this is a social heretic. Amen.

- Medical literature with ridicule seen any doubt about the theory that vaccinations - and says Aviva Jill Rommm in his recently published book "Vaccination - handbook for loving parents", which is the now iconic doctorate Robert S. Mendelsohona "healthy baby despite doctors' , the only relevant literature in the Croatian language, which deals with the issue of vaccination, and that is not medically or socially mainstream dyed. In the book you will find a very impartial and very easy to explain everything about vaccinations caring, conscious parent must know about all the risks of immunization and vaccination, which is recommended as an alternative to the introduction of risky cocktail of microorganisms, as well as a brief history of sowing global fear of insufficient vaccination rate.

The author's attitude, which is substantiated many useful information and advice is useful, despite the fear that is sown, is optimistic: the most important is to create optimal health for every child, every person with the help of nutrition, hygiene, reasonable approach to life and stress management and use of natural treatment methods that are based on herbal remedies, homeopathy, and strengthening natural immunity, which in turn strengthens through food, breastfeeding, emotional security and a healthy lifestyle.

Since 1982. year when the United States - in broadcast TV - the show "DI - TE - PER: roulette of vaccines," awareness of the unnecessary risks of vaccination began to rise sharply, and even prompted the Congressional investigation of bad reactions to vaccines, and increased the number of lawsuits that were launched against the manufacturer of the vaccine by parents. Several manufacturers stopped their programs of research and development of vaccines, and some have even stopped producing the previously licensed vaccines. Crown, a kind of satisfaction of all of these efforts in the U.S. - in either the acceptance of the harms caused child vaccines (NCVIA - Natioanal Childhood Vaccine Injury Act). Until 1997. year, about a thousand victims have received the vaccination, a total of 750 million U.S. dollars of damages even though the process of seeking compensation very difficult and painstaking.

- The national program of compensation for victims of child vaccination manages the federal government, but the irony is that the program is financed by taxes on the sale of vaccines covered by the program .* In other words, the vaccine recipient pays insurance for damage caused by the vaccine which pays a higher price for each received the vaccine .**

Despite the painful absurdity soaked increase the amount of hypocrisy and licentiousness, this is an American legal act globally significant because it is the first time in a state, the legal level, at least recognizes the existence of problems - so that alone, as prescribed by law vaccines, can cause dramatic side effects and death outcomes.

In the last twenty years has increased the number of high-ranking medical staff readily admit that vaccination carries with it great risk as the possibility of inefficiency. So is Dr. Robert Chen, president of the department for safety and vaccine development of the Center for Disease Control 1988th year stated that "Although the vaccine prevents death and disability caused by illness," though "it is known that no vaccine is completely safe or effective. Some people may have side-effects of vaccination, and some do not appear full immune response to the vaccine, which means it will still be susceptible to diseases. "

Do you have your pediatrician said something similar when you come with your child vaccinated? In 99 percent of cases, I would bet that it is not.

Usually you only alert to the possibility of milder symptoms and reactions to particular vaccines, while the little doctor who will be so honest, informed, aware and conscious that you expose the entire range of possible chronic problems that can affect your child as a reaction to the vaccine.

On the attack, to you rant and silent, mostly neurological and immune system, and as a direct result of vaccination occurred a dramatic increase in autoimmune diseases. It is a row of very serious illnesses such as recurring allergies, multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, asthma, leukemia, rheumatoid arthritis, and there are indications of connections with the reaction to the vaccine in the cases of some types of cancer, autism, hyperactivity disorder with attention deficit ...

- Autoimmune disease can easily be explained as a disease in which the body's defense mechanisms are not able to distinguish foreign invaders from normal tissue. Therefore, the body begins to destroy itself. - Robert Mendhelsnon says, and asks if we replace the mumps and measles for cancer and leukemia?

The consequences, however, diseases and physical changes that may manifest only after longer periods of time, unfortunately, nothing is known as the systematic and, almost certainly deliberately, did not work or are working on monitoring these effects.

However, great parental effort, as some sort of protective mechanism, in the U.S. - was introduced in the system of reporting on adverse effects of vaccination (VAERS). VAERS system was established in November 1990. year, up to 31 July 1992. were received over 17,000 applications. More of 11 000 applications were due to a vaccine that covers law for the damage caused by children's vaccines until more than 2,500 reports related to serious reactions to vaccinations such as permanent disability, chronic illness and death.
Occasionally, in fact more often, and for the public to know what kind of callous nastiest from the rich treasures of manipulating the public by systematically implemented large corporate machines for the production of money.

- Studies on the safety that is (now) should do would probably delayed the licensing of vaccines. But in that time we believed that the prevention of poliomyelitis due to the risk pays off, so the vaccine is licensed .**** - said Dr. Stanley Plotkin, medical and scientific adviser to the company Aventis Pasteur, commenting sublicense debate on whether the oral vaccine poliomyelitis ability to return to their virulent state.

In this his sentence included all segments scornful corporate attitude towards health, the public, with children and all living beings - because the money is worth any risk!

When diabolical grasp the rhythm of this sentence and you'll understand why it truly enacted caused harms children vaccines that I mentioned.

- Therefore, the manufacturers of the vaccine would not go bankrupt due to rising costs of reparation, as claimed, and Andrea Rock in Money magazine reminding all of which were enacted softer to the program concerned taxpayers stood for more than half a million dollars, and that manufacturers of vaccines has increased income!
Today, vaccines are tested before and after the ban on public use made by governmental agencies for licensing vaccines. Sublicense testing based on extensive laboratory evaluation, testing on animals and eventually carried out clinical trials in humans .*** Simply put, it means that human testing is carried out before it is proven that the vaccine is safe for humans. (!) experiments are literally on your, on our children.

But despite all this, so often seen, corporate arrogance and hypocritical of the state-driven discipline of vaccination, the whole world is visible tendency exceptional, large wake of parental awareness about vaccination, and was finally broken and longtime "the myth of safe vaccine."

- Western medicine is often criticized for excessive focus on narrow parameters and the neglect of man as an individual. Although these questions difficult to scientifically study, we have the courage to explore all the short-and long-term advantages and possible disadvantages of the practice of mass vaccination, rather than simply hold beliefs that anyone who doubts the benefits of immunization charlatan or a religious fanatic .*****


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