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More than 80 years Dr. Max Gerson developed a therapy that offers a solution for most diseases today in the western world regarding countless lives and impair quality of life for the population of

  Max Gerson, MD., more than 80 years has developed a therapy that offers a solution for most diseases today in the western world regarding countless lives and impair quality of life for a large portion of the population. His treatment is based on flooding the body easily available nutrients (hiperalimentation) and cleansing the body of toxins (detoxification), which includes frequent enema. Many consider him the father detoxification nutritional therapy, which recently re-gaining in popularity.

  Childhood and adolescence

Dr. Gerson was born 1881st a Jewish family in Wongrowitz (Wągrowiec) in what was then Germany (now Poland). Even as a little boy he showed a preference for studying the nature and draw conclusions based on what is perceived in nature. Experience that he is deeply engraved in the memories happened in the garden of his grandmother, who loved flowers and vegetables grow. Grandma decided some garden plots fertilize artificial fertilizer, a product that is then only appeared on the market. Following what is happening with these small beds of Max observed that earthworms from soil treated with artificial fertilizers to escape naturally treated joists. He concluded that the chemicals had to include something that was bothered by worms and forced them to flee to the natural environment. Such observations have influenced his later outlook and propensity to simple and natural solutions.
He was educated in Breslau, Wuerzburg, Berlin and Freiburg. While working as an intern of his migraine headaches that have followed him since childhood, have become intolerable. He visited many doctors and professors as a patient, but did not find any help. The only thing he could offer was a consolation that will probably stop a migraine when he entered into the fiftieth year of life. Always ready for experiments, if necessary, and to myself, I decided that I must find a solution. After thorough research available medical literature was found on a paper which described the case of a woman who suffered from migraines, and that has helped change of diet. Thinking that chronic diseases may be associated with eating at that time was unknown, so he is in his education about how he learned nothing. Therefore, it is looking for a diet that would help him might have to start almost from scratch. After some time and failed attempts to establish that his vegetarian diet with no salt to a life without severe headache and nausea.

  The beginnings of therapy

Dr. Gerson is the time and their patients who suffer from migraines began to recommend a change of diet. All those who adhere to strict dietary rules that they recommend are actually cured of their migraine. But it happened and something totally unexpected. One patient praises to him, since he changed the diet began to pull the skin tuberculosis (lupus vulgaris). Dr. Gerson was initially skeptical: "No, it is impossible to have had tuberculosis of the skin. Surely there was something else. It is an incurable disease. " The patient is on his show to his laboratory. Gerson was confused because he did not see the connection between migraines and tuberculosis skin. Yet his "migraine diet" and started to recommend to patients with tuberculosis of the skin, again with success.
When he heard of his success to the famous Munich specialist tuberculosis Ferdinand Sauerbruch, he called Gerson to conduct clinical trials in its therapy Sauerbruchovom ward for tuberculosis. Selected, 450 patients with advanced tuberculosis of the skin and is applied on them Gerson dietary regime. 446 patients completely recovered from the then "incurable" diseases. In addition, it was shown that other forms of tuberculosis respond well to this treatment. Sauerbruch was only then really believed Gerson, and the results published in many scholarly works.
With Sauerbruch's support for Gerson therapy and his fame spread rapidly throughout Europe. Among the many patients he has healed from tuberculosis was the wife of Dr. Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Peace Prize. Schweitzer for Gerson said he was "one of the most genius in the history of medicine" that has "achieved more than seemed possible in difficult circumstances." Gerson is the Albert Schweitzer cured of diabetes when he was 70 years, allowing this large philosopher, physician and humanist to continue its work to 90
Again, many patients Gershon, who were primarily treated for tuberculosis, healed, and other health problems: allergies, asthma, disorders of blood pressure and other problems. Gerson is now realized that his diet does not really treat a particular disease, but boosting your metabolism and immune system returns to health throughout the body. This opened the way for a cure for all "incurable" chronic illness.

  First experiences with cancer

Gerson was during his work modified and perfected his therapy in a way that she embraced the ever-expanding range of chronic degenerative diseases. The first step towards treatment of cancer occurred in 1928. when he himself called a lady who was operated on for cancer. She drew his attention to a book on folk medicine in which they were Hippocratic statement about the importance of detoxification patients a soup and an enema. While Gerson was not has high hopes in the possibility of its recovery, he agreed to give their best to help Mrs. Six months later she was cured! The next two patients with cancer are also cured. But then came a series of several failures.

Gerson was about to publish a large study that would document the ability to treat tuberculosis nutritional therapy. In this he was distracted, however, the rise of Nazism. First, from Germany 1933rd then moved to a safer Vienna. Later he had to flee to Paris and London and at the end of the 1936th He settled in the United States. In doing so he had to leave behind almost all her research material. His parents and seven brothers and sisters perished in concentration camps.
Dr. Gerson was the arrival in the United States focused its attention on discovering the connection between diet and cancer. Tortured by the fact that, after initial success, in Vienna and Paris and had a few unsuccessful attempts to treat cancer. Over the next few years, gathering direct experience with the sick bed, and further improving its own protocol, developed a successful treatment that worked even in terminally ill patients. He found that patients with cancer can not fully digest and assimilate fats. It seemed that the undigested fat is directly feed cancerous tissue. It also found that in patients with liver cancer, especially contaminated. Until the twentieth century, cancer is largely a disease of old people whose liver has not worked well because of exhaustion and toxins that have accumulated over the years. Only in the past hundred years began to appear en masse at all younger and younger people.
Gershon success rate in treating cancer was around 30%. Although this might seem a bit to know that a large part of the patients came to him in the terminal stage of disease, after the conventional medicine has eased off on them and sent them home to die. In the early stages of the disease was significantly greater success. Dr. Gerson is a once in a Congressional hearing brought five of his former patients, returned to life in end-stage cancer, to testify about their healing.

  Subsequent work

Although Gerson for his unconventional methods are in Europe encountered the displeasure of the profession, the real attacks began after the arrival in the United States. After the help of his grateful, recovering patients opened their own clinic there is hardly assistants. Young physicians who would enthusiastically come to his clinic would soon begin to receive threats that they will, continue to work with them, be denied access to hospitals, other physicians that they will not send patients and the like. As they were in debt due to loans for education, training, young doctors are not able to allow you to bring in such a situation. Despite all efforts Gerson, medical journals refused to publish his work. At the same time, patients who were at the American Medical Association inquired about Gerson said that his method of "secret" because he "refused to publish the works." Gerson was at the end of their materials collected and published them 1958th in his latest book-" A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases". He died the following year.
Gershon youngest daughter Charlotte, who was involved in his work and helped him in his clinic, says that one of the doctors who worked in their clinic was an agent establishment. Supposedly, while he worked in their clinics missing several important documents. The same doctor later withdrew his positive statements about Gerson's treatment from medical journals.
Charlotte also claims that her father died of arsenic poisoning who had one planted in coffee. Forensic evidence supporting her claims because it is really found in the urine of arsenic. Weakened by poisoning fell ill from pneumonia, which did not survive. Establishment claims that he died of lung cancer.

  Gerson therapy today

Charlotte Gerson continued to popularize his father's work by publishing a series of books and video materials about the treatment of Gerson therapy. It is still active and gives lectures. Today the water Gerson Institute in San Diego, California (www.gerson.org). The Institute provides training for physicians and caregivers to patients. Charlotte leads the Center for Health Improvement Charlotte Gerson Health Restoration Center in San Diego (not intended for people with cancer and serious illness). There are currently two licensed treatment center for patients Gerson therapy, Baja Nutri Care near Tijuana in Mexico (http://www.bajanutricare.com) and Gerson  Health Centre near Budapest, Hungary (http://www.egeszsegforras.org). Max Gerson's 14th May 2005. inducted into the Hall of Fame of the International Society for orthomolecular medicine.

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