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Healed on the way Gerson

More than 80 years Dr. Max Gerson developed a therapy that offers a solution for most diseases today in the western world regarding countless lives and impair quality of life for the population of

  Max Gerson, MD., more than 80 years has developed a therapy that offers a solution for most diseases today in the western world regarding countless lives and impair quality of life for a large portion of the population. His treatment is based on flooding the body easily available nutrients (hiperalimentation) and cleansing the body of toxins (detoxification), which includes frequent enema. Many consider him the father detoxification nutritional therapy, which recently re-gaining in popularity.

  Childhood and adolescence

Dr. Gerson was born 1881st a Jewish family in Wongrowitz (Wągrowiec) in what was then Germany (now Poland). Even as a little boy he showed a preference for studying the nature and draw conclusions based on what is perceived in nature. Experience that he is deeply engraved i…

The chip is at the top of the needle

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer is a cult figure of the world's alternative scene. He discovered the mechanism of shock-conflict that is the true cause of cancer, but because of his theories and successful treatment is suffering persecution by the German and other European courts backed the interests of the powerful medical lobby. Recently, his statements against the vaccination again stirred the medical circles

German doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer (b. 1935). Had a very high success rate with his cancer treatment therapy. When one of the few trials persecuted Dr Hamer, the public prosecutor (in Wiener Neustadt, Austria) had to admit that is 6,000 of 6,500 patients with mostly advanced stages of cancer were still alive four to five years after treatment, Dr. Hamer. This is the success rate of 90% - almost a complete reversal of the results to be expected after conventional treatment of advanced cancer.

Dr. Hamer's got testicular cancer shortly after his son was shot in 1978, and he wondered whe…

Roulette vaccine

Western medicine is often criticized for excessive focus on narrow parameters and the neglect of man as an individual. Although these questions difficult to scientifically study, we have the courage to explore all the short-and long-term advantages and possible disadvantages of the practice of mass vaccination, rather than simply hold beliefs that anyone who doubts the benefits of immunization charlatan or a religious fanatic. (Richard Fried)

If you are a parent of one of the important decisions that you will encounter literally, but after cutting the umbilical cord of your child's immunization issue: vaccinate or not to vaccinate children? While still in the maternity ward, the first or second day of his earthly life, children routinely received BCG vaccine - a vaccine that the public is as effective protection against TB, and up to the age of majority Earthling today on average receives less than twenty different vaccines.

What to do at that point, but with all of these later r…