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More than 80 years Dr. Max Gerson developed a therapy that offers a solution for most diseases today in the western world regarding countless lives and impair quality of life for the population of

  Max Gerson, MD., more than 80 years has developed a therapy that offers a solution for most diseases today in the western world regarding countless lives and impair quality of life for a large portion of the population. His treatment is based on flooding the body easily available nutrients (hiperalimentation) and cleansing the body of toxins (detoxification), which includes frequent enema. Many consider him the father detoxification nutritional therapy, which recently re-gaining in popularity.

  Childhood and adolescence

Dr. Gerson was born 1881st a Jewish family in Wongrowitz (Wągrowiec) in what was then Germany (now Poland). Even as a little boy he showed a preference for studying the nature and draw conclusions based on what is perceived in nature. Experience that he is deeply engraved in the memories happened in the garden of his grandmother, who loved flowers and vegetables grow. Grandma decided some garden plots fertilize artificial fertilizer, a product that is then only appeared on the market. Following what is happening with these small beds of Max observed that earthworms from soil treated with artificial fertilizers to escape naturally treated joists. He concluded that the chemicals had to include something that was bothered by worms and forced them to flee to the natural environment. Such observations have influenced his later outlook and propensity to simple and natural solutions.
He was educated in Breslau, Wuerzburg, Berlin and Freiburg. While working as an intern of his migraine headaches that have followed him since childhood, have become intolerable. He visited many doctors and professors as a patient, but did not find any help. The only thing he could offer was a consolation that will probably stop a migraine when he entered into the fiftieth year of life. Always ready for experiments, if necessary, and to myself, I decided that I must find a solution. After thorough research available medical literature was found on a paper which described the case of a woman who suffered from migraines, and that has helped change of diet. Thinking that chronic diseases may be associated with eating at that time was unknown, so he is in his education about how he learned nothing. Therefore, it is looking for a diet that would help him might have to start almost from scratch. After some time and failed attempts to establish that his vegetarian diet with no salt to a life without severe headache and nausea.

  The beginnings of therapy

Dr. Gerson is the time and their patients who suffer from migraines began to recommend a change of diet. All those who adhere to strict dietary rules that they recommend are actually cured of their migraine. But it happened and something totally unexpected. One patient praises to him, since he changed the diet began to pull the skin tuberculosis (lupus vulgaris). Dr. Gerson was initially skeptical: "No, it is impossible to have had tuberculosis of the skin. Surely there was something else. It is an incurable disease. " The patient is on his show to his laboratory. Gerson was confused because he did not see the connection between migraines and tuberculosis skin. Yet his "migraine diet" and started to recommend to patients with tuberculosis of the skin, again with success.
When he heard of his success to the famous Munich specialist tuberculosis Ferdinand Sauerbruch, he called Gerson to conduct clinical trials in its therapy Sauerbruchovom ward for tuberculosis. Selected, 450 patients with advanced tuberculosis of the skin and is applied on them Gerson dietary regime. 446 patients completely recovered from the then "incurable" diseases. In addition, it was shown that other forms of tuberculosis respond well to this treatment. Sauerbruch was only then really believed Gerson, and the results published in many scholarly works.
With Sauerbruch's support for Gerson therapy and his fame spread rapidly throughout Europe. Among the many patients he has healed from tuberculosis was the wife of Dr. Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Peace Prize. Schweitzer for Gerson said he was "one of the most genius in the history of medicine" that has "achieved more than seemed possible in difficult circumstances." Gerson is the Albert Schweitzer cured of diabetes when he was 70 years, allowing this large philosopher, physician and humanist to continue its work to 90
Again, many patients Gershon, who were primarily treated for tuberculosis, healed, and other health problems: allergies, asthma, disorders of blood pressure and other problems. Gerson is now realized that his diet does not really treat a particular disease, but boosting your metabolism and immune system returns to health throughout the body. This opened the way for a cure for all "incurable" chronic illness.

  First experiences with cancer

Gerson was during his work modified and perfected his therapy in a way that she embraced the ever-expanding range of chronic degenerative diseases. The first step towards treatment of cancer occurred in 1928. when he himself called a lady who was operated on for cancer. She drew his attention to a book on folk medicine in which they were Hippocratic statement about the importance of detoxification patients a soup and an enema. While Gerson was not has high hopes in the possibility of its recovery, he agreed to give their best to help Mrs. Six months later she was cured! The next two patients with cancer are also cured. But then came a series of several failures.

Gerson was about to publish a large study that would document the ability to treat tuberculosis nutritional therapy. In this he was distracted, however, the rise of Nazism. First, from Germany 1933rd then moved to a safer Vienna. Later he had to flee to Paris and London and at the end of the 1936th He settled in the United States. In doing so he had to leave behind almost all her research material. His parents and seven brothers and sisters perished in concentration camps.
Dr. Gerson was the arrival in the United States focused its attention on discovering the connection between diet and cancer. Tortured by the fact that, after initial success, in Vienna and Paris and had a few unsuccessful attempts to treat cancer. Over the next few years, gathering direct experience with the sick bed, and further improving its own protocol, developed a successful treatment that worked even in terminally ill patients. He found that patients with cancer can not fully digest and assimilate fats. It seemed that the undigested fat is directly feed cancerous tissue. It also found that in patients with liver cancer, especially contaminated. Until the twentieth century, cancer is largely a disease of old people whose liver has not worked well because of exhaustion and toxins that have accumulated over the years. Only in the past hundred years began to appear en masse at all younger and younger people.
Gershon success rate in treating cancer was around 30%. Although this might seem a bit to know that a large part of the patients came to him in the terminal stage of disease, after the conventional medicine has eased off on them and sent them home to die. In the early stages of the disease was significantly greater success. Dr. Gerson is a once in a Congressional hearing brought five of his former patients, returned to life in end-stage cancer, to testify about their healing.

  Subsequent work

Although Gerson for his unconventional methods are in Europe encountered the displeasure of the profession, the real attacks began after the arrival in the United States. After the help of his grateful, recovering patients opened their own clinic there is hardly assistants. Young physicians who would enthusiastically come to his clinic would soon begin to receive threats that they will, continue to work with them, be denied access to hospitals, other physicians that they will not send patients and the like. As they were in debt due to loans for education, training, young doctors are not able to allow you to bring in such a situation. Despite all efforts Gerson, medical journals refused to publish his work. At the same time, patients who were at the American Medical Association inquired about Gerson said that his method of "secret" because he "refused to publish the works." Gerson was at the end of their materials collected and published them 1958th in his latest book-" A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases". He died the following year.
Gershon youngest daughter Charlotte, who was involved in his work and helped him in his clinic, says that one of the doctors who worked in their clinic was an agent establishment. Supposedly, while he worked in their clinics missing several important documents. The same doctor later withdrew his positive statements about Gerson's treatment from medical journals.
Charlotte also claims that her father died of arsenic poisoning who had one planted in coffee. Forensic evidence supporting her claims because it is really found in the urine of arsenic. Weakened by poisoning fell ill from pneumonia, which did not survive. Establishment claims that he died of lung cancer.

  Gerson therapy today

Charlotte Gerson continued to popularize his father's work by publishing a series of books and video materials about the treatment of Gerson therapy. It is still active and gives lectures. Today the water Gerson Institute in San Diego, California (www.gerson.org). The Institute provides training for physicians and caregivers to patients. Charlotte leads the Center for Health Improvement Charlotte Gerson Health Restoration Center in San Diego (not intended for people with cancer and serious illness). There are currently two licensed treatment center for patients Gerson therapy, Baja Nutri Care near Tijuana in Mexico (http://www.bajanutricare.com) and Gerson  Health Centre near Budapest, Hungary (http://www.egeszsegforras.org). Max Gerson's 14th May 2005. inducted into the Hall of Fame of the International Society for orthomolecular medicine.

  Will continue...

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The chip is at the top of the needle

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer is a cult figure of the world's alternative scene. He discovered the mechanism of shock-conflict that is the true cause of cancer, but because of his theories and successful treatment is suffering persecution by the German and other European courts backed the interests of the powerful medical lobby. Recently, his statements against the vaccination again stirred the medical circles

German doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer (b. 1935). Had a very high success rate with his cancer treatment therapy. When one of the few trials persecuted Dr Hamer, the public prosecutor (in Wiener Neustadt, Austria) had to admit that is 6,000 of 6,500 patients with mostly advanced stages of cancer were still alive four to five years after treatment, Dr. Hamer. This is the success rate of 90% - almost a complete reversal of the results to be expected after conventional treatment of advanced cancer.

Dr. Hamer's got testicular cancer shortly after his son was shot in 1978, and he wondered whether the son's death was the cause of his cancer. However, only three years later, working in the hospital for cancer treatment at the University of Munich, Dr. Hamer could start with a serious cancer research. After that investigated and documented 15,000 cases of cancer, and discovered that they always present the same characteristics, which is called the Iron rules of cancer. Soon he began to successfully treat illness.

Nevertheless, Dr Hamer faced severe persecution. Under German law, a doctor may withdraw licenses if his mental capacity is reduced. German district court in 1986. application of this law Dr. Hamer took the license. As evidence of allegedly inappropriate mental state of Dr. Hamer, the court stated that he is not ready to retract his theories and swear allegiance to the principles of orthodox medicine.

Worse yet, the court found evidence that he was not able to convert to the principles of orthodox medicine: just a month before trial, the validity of his theories he tried to convince a group of distinguished professors! A year later, the same court requested a psychiatric evaluation of his mental abilities, as Dr. Hamer refused. Without that he had ever seen, a court has been diagnosed by a psychiatrist that Dr. Hamer psychopath!

Dr. Hamer in 1997. arrested and imprisoned for 18 months under an obscure law of natural therapy which was introduced by Adolf Hitler in order to eradicate Gypsy. His crime was that he gave free medical advice to some people who asked him for an opinion. The public prosecutor openly declared that they must apply all means to remove Dr. Hamer from society. Since 1999. Dr Hamer lives in Spain, because its courts in Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland now want to judge because some patients died of cancer, apparently because they were holding his advice. According to this reasoning, Dr. Hamer was a mass murderer because he was suffering from cancer supposedly withheld safe and effective treatment offered by orthodox medicine.

Furthermore, the public prosecutor launched a civil lawsuit against Dr. Hamer with a request for a large sum of money because Dr. Hamer advised patients not to go on chemotherapy. In the second case, the parents of young girls Olivia Pilhar, which he treated Dr. Hamer, received eight months on probation because they temporarily stop chemotherapy treatment of his daughter. Later, they were stripped of custody of the girl, and she finally underwent chemotherapy against her will. It can happen anywhere in the Western world.

In the world there are no doctors who carried out anti-cancer therapy where none of the patients died under his care. However, even in advanced cases, the success rate Dr. Hamer is extremely high. This hunt can be compared with the fate of Dr. Semmelweis, who was thought to be due to the surgeons prior to surgery should wash their hands immediately sent to a mental hospital, where he died in the forty-seven years.

Dr. Hamer has survived eight assassination attempts, and the mass media in Germany speak of him as a disturbed criminal. Although many doctors, including professors of medicine, confirmed the correctness of the principles of new medicine, so I called my Dr. Hamer therapy, to date none of them German university did not agree to testing, despite a court order that the University of Tubingen conduct such testing.

In addition, doctors and natural therapists in Europe who are working in accordance with the principles of the new medicine suffer persecution. In Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Spain, the authorities have started legal proceedings against such doctors to make their licenses revoked. Trials last for years. Only courts in Spain took the enlightened view that is not up to them to decide between conflicting medical theories and therapies.

Strong reaction to the establishment can be understood, because the popularity and wide application of a new medicine mean the end of the medical-pharmaceutical complex.

Still, 2001. one prominent neurologist openly defended Dr Hamer, releasing a book about the New Medicine and demanding that his theory of formal exams. Because Dr Therese von Schwarzenberg also belongs to the high nobility, the mass media are in great doubt what kind of attitude you should take in this case. So far, about Dr. Hamer spoke only with the greatest anger, and now there is a famous person who said that Dr. Hamer is right and deserves the Nobel Prize!

Nevertheless, the official position of prominent oncologists still is that it is completely absurd assumption that feelings can be related to the cause and treatment of cancer, and that is why Dr. Hamer claims not checked.

Dr. Hamer recently, specifically in late 2009th year, once again stirred the water with their medical statements against vaccines and discoveries of the actual background of mass vaccination campaigns carried out in all countries.

Here's exactly what it says about this great doctor.

Geerd, these days you said that our worst fears begin to come true. Are we talking about forced vaccination and the penalty in the amount of one thousand dollars or thirty days imprisonment for refusing vaccination in the United States?

Hamer:  Yes, but opponents (those who oppose the death chips) will be placed in a normal prison, but in specially prepared concentration camps, of which there are prepared for hundreds across the country. And they are coming from if they submit anticipate. And when you leave, you're defenseless target for the chip's death. These people will be released after the accident start dying like flies.

Do you speak about the beginning of the great massacre of the population?

Hamer:  This may mean just that. Otherwise it is pointless to engage the army and police and threaten such draconian punishments just to get people engaged in normal seasonal influenza vaccination. Otherwise simply does not make sense. Apart from the fact that such vaccination is not possible. Vaccinated in October (autumn in the northern hemisphere) for the following summer. It is utterly ridiculous. Tamiflu can perhaps two to three weeks to suppress symptoms typical stages of healing, and even that is extremely stupid in light of the new medicine.

It should be noted that in the United States prepared many hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins. Why? And besides, people systematically rids weapons and dogs for protection.

Hamer:  Intent can be inferred from the best of what is NOT said. We talk about the vaccination, but nobody does not explicitly mention the chip implantation. It is really strange because anticipate obvious question with all the extensive state measures. And in the last interview we've already talked about Hitachi chip works and that it is possible to combine with the chip's death.

The same can be seen in what happened to my new medicine. Twenty-eight years were allowed to discuss just about Hamer, "No person", but not how it works and whether a new medicine, and whether its claims can be repeated to prove their efficacy, despite the number of thirty tested and published results. The same goes for Tamiflu! Endlessly discussing the harmfulness of Tamiflu, but no word on the chip. Tamiflu is, of course, harmful, it is poison. It is very harmful in the healing process or vagotoni pregnancy (last quarter). However, the chip's death adds an entirely new dimension. Ruthless application of the chip can be predicted from the fact that chemotherapy and morphine are used recklessly, despite the final mortality rate of 98 percent, while 98 percent could survive with the new medicine. Imagine unscrupulousness of oncologists who are fully aware that the new medicine and logical to operate.

It is very strange that the Americans had declared a state of emergency in which you can easily remove the thousands and millions of opponents. And when people anticipate, the more you can not escape.

Hamer:  It is obvious that the battle anticipate preparing for years. Idiotic swine flu, which actually does not exist, actually it was the wrong tool, three pigs died and one child who died of who knows what, and they are lied to create a worldwide pandemic. But it shows they are well-organized international media able to achieve: from flies to create an elephant.

The first was a lie about AIDS, and then lie about mad cow disease. After the lies about the events of 11th September was followed by a lie about anthrax. Then lie about bird flu and now lie on the swine flu. Next year we will lie about mouse flu. All this points to Endloesung "final solution. When everyone is anticipate it will be completely slavery, then it will be possible to manipulate everyone and arbitrary killing.

Hamer:  First will be perpendicular to children and pregnant women. They will first treat the chips and Tamiflu. Many of the pregnant women in third trimester abortion because Tamiflu is highly toxic. But, they themselves may die because the body in the last quarter vagotoni. It is known that an injection of influenza vaccine in vagotoni or morphine can be fatal.

In the meantime, the impression is that in the United States of panic. Where can escape, asking people where in this world you will not be forcibly subjected to injection of the chip's death and even for a moment to be free from their enemies?

It is necessary to realistically think that would be worn inside the chip and know that every day you can turn off at the Center in Tel Aviv. Since this is no way you can defend, and complaining, "I wish I knew ..." is useless. Therefore, it is really important that ruling class as long as people kept in ignorance about it.

When the slaves implanted chip, they are allowed to know of it. Then it will be like a trained poodle. No one will dare to rebel. It will be like between Masonic brothers. Everyone knows that anyone who utters a word of opposition Grand Master immediately used the poison in the coffee and would not survive a single day. The whole world will be a concentration camp filled with slaves, with the exception of one religious group. Chip implantation is a potential passenger's death sentence to death at any time.

How much should you be naive to the Mossad and the CIA's request that you reveal your true intentions, to put "cards on the table." Mouse never believed that the cat is coming.

In company with several hundred employees, producing or, more accurately, the full injection needles for vaccination chip, it will take only two or three "reliable" people to insert the chips on top. Then all the other workers can confirm that they knew nothing. This is called "quality control" and "Last check" and it looks completely normal.

It is curious that each needle to implant the chip has its own unique numeric code with an identification number. Why else would a needle meaningless "summer flu vaccines" had its own unique number and why would a passport allegedly followed the flu vaccine? And why did the Americans in their country do not want to let anyone without a chip?

"Club of Rome" in the seventies in one of his publication (perhaps Mankind at the turning point) revealed that the birth rate or have to be reduced or increased mortality. The Max Planck Institute, believe that the world population must be reduced to two billion people. In the United States, a so-called "American Stonehenge", the message carved in the granite rocks weight of one hundred tons, the world's population must be reduced to 500 million people to reach an "era of reason. "

Hamer:  If you consider the alleged issue of "overpopulation", it is interesting to note that the state of Texas alone could probably feed all six billion people. If the bodies of six billion, the average weight of eighty kilograms and volume of eighty gallons, set on each other and each other in the form of cubes, cubes, and the page would be long, just eight hundred meters. In Austria, such a stake would be able to hide in a neighboring valley.

Personally I do not believe the alleged "overpopulation", but I assume that globalization fanatics do not need six million slaves, and therefore people want to be reduced to one tenth.

Helmut, you were right when you're part of our last interview, said: "When you achieve this, they won." Therefore, it is necessary to stifle new medicine, because - that this awareness and knowledge of these well known - they could not do


Helmut Pilhar

 Source:  http://welt-blog.ch/chip-sitzt-in-der-spritzen-spitze

The article was published in the magazine "Nexus"no. 43
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Roulette vaccine

Western medicine is often criticized for excessive focus on narrow parameters and the neglect of man as an individual. Although these questions difficult to scientifically study, we have the courage to explore all the short-and long-term advantages and possible disadvantages of the practice of mass vaccination, rather than simply hold beliefs that anyone who doubts the benefits of immunization charlatan or a religious fanatic. (Richard Fried)

If you are a parent of one of the important decisions that you will encounter literally, but after cutting the umbilical cord of your child's immunization issue: vaccinate or not to vaccinate children? While still in the maternity ward, the first or second day of his earthly life, children routinely received BCG vaccine - a vaccine that the public is as effective protection against TB, and up to the age of majority Earthling today on average receives less than twenty different vaccines.

What to do at that point, but with all of these later required vaccinations, you do not want you to give your perfectly healthy baby injected vaccine, for which you have heard that is not really necessary, and is not one hundred percent effective, and in some cases are dramatic side effects, even death? Do you have a right as a parent you decide whether to give their child vaccinated or not? After all, why should someone making such a basic right wants to take away? ...

These and hundreds of other issues to impose itself, but to reach people who can give you complete answers, provide full insight into the whole problem though is a little harder. This text therefore only intends to introduce you to the reasons that might prompt to reconsider its inertia and blindly believing the dominant advertising drill medical and pharmaceutical cartels, and direct you to the people, books and places where you can learn the other side of the coin, that is familiar is the risk of vaccination.

Everywhere in the world is, in general, the process of a comprehensive population vaccination same, everywhere the same and I have access to vaccination only company which is wrapped in different countries in different climate and the mentality of custom, laws, regulations, and Trojan horses "democracy" and "freedom of choice ". Everywhere, throughout the globe, it is the only indisputable fact is expected from parents to agree to mandatory routine vaccination of their children, which lasts from birth to 18 the child, and which are for medical and pharmaceutical interest-machine scripture whose two main, the only recognized and orthodox Gospels are as follows: the individual has no freedom to endanger the health of society in its decision on vaccination and immunization is the only practical and reliable way to prevent epidemics and potentially dangerous disease. Who else thinks this is a social heretic. Amen.

- Medical literature with ridicule seen any doubt about the theory that vaccinations - and says Aviva Jill Rommm in his recently published book "Vaccination - handbook for loving parents", which is the now iconic doctorate Robert S. Mendelsohona "healthy baby despite doctors' , the only relevant literature in the Croatian language, which deals with the issue of vaccination, and that is not medically or socially mainstream dyed. In the book you will find a very impartial and very easy to explain everything about vaccinations caring, conscious parent must know about all the risks of immunization and vaccination, which is recommended as an alternative to the introduction of risky cocktail of microorganisms, as well as a brief history of sowing global fear of insufficient vaccination rate.

The author's attitude, which is substantiated many useful information and advice is useful, despite the fear that is sown, is optimistic: the most important is to create optimal health for every child, every person with the help of nutrition, hygiene, reasonable approach to life and stress management and use of natural treatment methods that are based on herbal remedies, homeopathy, and strengthening natural immunity, which in turn strengthens through food, breastfeeding, emotional security and a healthy lifestyle.

Since 1982. year when the United States - in broadcast TV - the show "DI - TE - PER: roulette of vaccines," awareness of the unnecessary risks of vaccination began to rise sharply, and even prompted the Congressional investigation of bad reactions to vaccines, and increased the number of lawsuits that were launched against the manufacturer of the vaccine by parents. Several manufacturers stopped their programs of research and development of vaccines, and some have even stopped producing the previously licensed vaccines. Crown, a kind of satisfaction of all of these efforts in the U.S. - in either the acceptance of the harms caused child vaccines (NCVIA - Natioanal Childhood Vaccine Injury Act). Until 1997. year, about a thousand victims have received the vaccination, a total of 750 million U.S. dollars of damages even though the process of seeking compensation very difficult and painstaking.

- The national program of compensation for victims of child vaccination manages the federal government, but the irony is that the program is financed by taxes on the sale of vaccines covered by the program .* In other words, the vaccine recipient pays insurance for damage caused by the vaccine which pays a higher price for each received the vaccine .**

Despite the painful absurdity soaked increase the amount of hypocrisy and licentiousness, this is an American legal act globally significant because it is the first time in a state, the legal level, at least recognizes the existence of problems - so that alone, as prescribed by law vaccines, can cause dramatic side effects and death outcomes.

In the last twenty years has increased the number of high-ranking medical staff readily admit that vaccination carries with it great risk as the possibility of inefficiency. So is Dr. Robert Chen, president of the department for safety and vaccine development of the Center for Disease Control 1988th year stated that "Although the vaccine prevents death and disability caused by illness," though "it is known that no vaccine is completely safe or effective. Some people may have side-effects of vaccination, and some do not appear full immune response to the vaccine, which means it will still be susceptible to diseases. "

Do you have your pediatrician said something similar when you come with your child vaccinated? In 99 percent of cases, I would bet that it is not.

Usually you only alert to the possibility of milder symptoms and reactions to particular vaccines, while the little doctor who will be so honest, informed, aware and conscious that you expose the entire range of possible chronic problems that can affect your child as a reaction to the vaccine.

On the attack, to you rant and silent, mostly neurological and immune system, and as a direct result of vaccination occurred a dramatic increase in autoimmune diseases. It is a row of very serious illnesses such as recurring allergies, multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, asthma, leukemia, rheumatoid arthritis, and there are indications of connections with the reaction to the vaccine in the cases of some types of cancer, autism, hyperactivity disorder with attention deficit ...

- Autoimmune disease can easily be explained as a disease in which the body's defense mechanisms are not able to distinguish foreign invaders from normal tissue. Therefore, the body begins to destroy itself. - Robert Mendhelsnon says, and asks if we replace the mumps and measles for cancer and leukemia?

The consequences, however, diseases and physical changes that may manifest only after longer periods of time, unfortunately, nothing is known as the systematic and, almost certainly deliberately, did not work or are working on monitoring these effects.

However, great parental effort, as some sort of protective mechanism, in the U.S. - was introduced in the system of reporting on adverse effects of vaccination (VAERS). VAERS system was established in November 1990. year, up to 31 July 1992. were received over 17,000 applications. More of 11 000 applications were due to a vaccine that covers law for the damage caused by children's vaccines until more than 2,500 reports related to serious reactions to vaccinations such as permanent disability, chronic illness and death.
Occasionally, in fact more often, and for the public to know what kind of callous nastiest from the rich treasures of manipulating the public by systematically implemented large corporate machines for the production of money.

- Studies on the safety that is (now) should do would probably delayed the licensing of vaccines. But in that time we believed that the prevention of poliomyelitis due to the risk pays off, so the vaccine is licensed .**** - said Dr. Stanley Plotkin, medical and scientific adviser to the company Aventis Pasteur, commenting sublicense debate on whether the oral vaccine poliomyelitis ability to return to their virulent state.

In this his sentence included all segments scornful corporate attitude towards health, the public, with children and all living beings - because the money is worth any risk!

When diabolical grasp the rhythm of this sentence and you'll understand why it truly enacted caused harms children vaccines that I mentioned.

- Therefore, the manufacturers of the vaccine would not go bankrupt due to rising costs of reparation, as claimed, and Andrea Rock in Money magazine reminding all of which were enacted softer to the program concerned taxpayers stood for more than half a million dollars, and that manufacturers of vaccines has increased income!
Today, vaccines are tested before and after the ban on public use made by governmental agencies for licensing vaccines. Sublicense testing based on extensive laboratory evaluation, testing on animals and eventually carried out clinical trials in humans .*** Simply put, it means that human testing is carried out before it is proven that the vaccine is safe for humans. (!) experiments are literally on your, on our children.

But despite all this, so often seen, corporate arrogance and hypocritical of the state-driven discipline of vaccination, the whole world is visible tendency exceptional, large wake of parental awareness about vaccination, and was finally broken and longtime "the myth of safe vaccine."

- Western medicine is often criticized for excessive focus on narrow parameters and the neglect of man as an individual. Although these questions difficult to scientifically study, we have the courage to explore all the short-and long-term advantages and possible disadvantages of the practice of mass vaccination, rather than simply hold beliefs that anyone who doubts the benefits of immunization charlatan or a religious fanatic .*****


* Kathleen Stratton and others, Adverse Events Associated with Childhood Vaccines: Evidence Bearing on Causality (Washington, D.C., National Academy Press, 1994.)
** „A High - Priced Vaccine“, The Washington Post, May 23, 1986  
*** Robert Chen and Beth Hibbs, "Vaccine Safety: Curent and Future Challenges" - Pediatric Annals 27, no. 7 (July 1998).: 447
**** Charles Marwick, „Clearing the Way for New Combination Vaccine Use“, Journal of the American Medical Association 283, no. 10 (2000.): 876 – 78.
***** Richard Fried, Health Consequences of Exemptions from Immunization Laws ", Journal of the American Medical Association 283, no. 9 (1 March 2000).: 1140
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