Diabetes - the dreaded truth, Part 2

   Treatment vs Treatment

This new, wondrous medicinal product expected to be effective as insulin, alleviating undesirable symptoms of the disease, but not effective in terms of eliminating their causes that cures the disease. Thus the patient had to use it until the end of his life. He would also have to meet the requirements for patenting that should not be doing any kind of natural substances because they are as such not patentable. Like insulin, it was supposed to be very profitable. Mandatory government regulation would be needed to stimulate physicians to prescribe the product. Experiments are needed to be done in order to obtain government permission, it will be very costly, to prevent the emergence of other unapproved products, as well as competition.
Such is the origin of the classic medical protocol of "treating the symptoms." By acting so, pharmaceutical companies and doctors may very well prosper in this business, and patients are nevertheless not cure, but they only temporarily control or mitigate the consequences of the disease.

Not only that, the natural products that are able to really heal this disease, must be suppressed, or withdrawn from service and quiet. They are more efficient in that more effort will be invested in their elimination while their proponents and promoters to be arrested on charges that they are charlatans. After all, we can not allow the emergence any cheap and effective natural medical preparations on the monopolized market that is specifically designed for the treatment of symptoms rather than treat the cause of the disease.

Natural substances are often able to actually cure diseases. This is precisely the reason why the use of legal leverage to these natural substances, which are often more effective than synthetic medical preparations, expelled from the market and use in connection with this word - "cure" is expelled from the medical vocabulary. So is mined and the concept of free market when the medicine works.

It is now clear that the word "cure" under the pressure of law must spew out of use. FDA has a comprehensive legal Orwellian regulation that prohibits the use of the word "cure" in connection with any competitive substance which is not used in the traditional medicine. It is precisely because many natural substances can not only cure but also to prevent illness and that it comes from being the most feared pharmaceutical companies and traditional medicine communities.

  Commercial Value of Symptoms

treatment of the disease to relieve their symptoms, it became necessary to come up with a new way for marketing of medical products. This was done in 1949 midst of an epidemic of insulin-resistant diabetes.
Thus, in 1949 American medical community re-classified the symptoms of diabetes (10) together with the symptoms of many other diseases - a separate disease. After the re-classification has been established a new diagnostic basis, so that competing medical specialty groups quickly took advantage of this opportunity, and each of them addressed to that group of symptoms which are deemed competent.
Thus, cardiologists, endocrinologist, urologists, internists, and many other specialists began to treat the symptoms of those who belonged to their domain. Since the true causes of this disease began to ignore so completely divert attention from any recovery.

Heart failure, for example, which previously considered a common consequence of diabetes, now became a separate disease which has nothing to do with diabetes. However, it was fashionable to think in terms of diabetes, "increases the risk of cardio-vascular diseases. The causal role of the disturbed system to control blood sugar levels in heart failure, is completely ignored.
In accordance with this new medical paradigm, none of the treatments offered by these specialists for heart, can not really cure the disease nor is it intended for their treatment. For example, patients who undergo bypass surgery on the heart, live an average of 3 years after it, which is almost the same as in the case of those who were not undergoing any surgical procedure (11).

Today, more than half the people who live in America suffer from one or more symptoms of the disease. At its very beginning, the disease was well known to doctors as a type-2 diabetes, insulin-resistant diabetes, diabetes of adults, or less frequently as hyperinsulinemia.
According to the American Society for heart disease, nearly 50% of Americans suffer from one or more symptoms of the disease. One third of the U.S. population is obese, while over half the population is overweight. Type 2 diabetes, which is also considered a disease of adults, now appears regularly with children six years.

Many degenerative diseases can be directly linked to disorders of the endocrine system. This disease is 30-ies, the doctors were very well known as insulin-resistant diabetes. The main cause of this disease is a disorder in regulating blood sugar levels as a result of harmful fats and oils. This disease is further complicated if there is a lack of some essential substances needed by the body to make it cope with the consequences of these metabolic poisons.

Not all fats and oils of the same. Some of them are healthy and helpful, many of them, you normally find in stores, are toxic. Their medical significance is not in terms of their division into unsaturated and saturated, as fats and oils industry would have us believe. Many of saturated fats and oils are very useful, many unsaturated oils are very toxic. In terms of their health significance, it is important to make a distinction between natural and processed, or synthesized.
Advertising of these products is very unfair by the industry for the processing of fats and oils. Their propaganda campaign aimed at creating a market for cheap waste, such as soybean oil, cotton seed and canola.

When the public was informed and aware, these oils are generally would not dare come to market, and then in the U.S. and other countries in the world - must have been much less diabetes.

  Epidemiological relationship of human life style

Since 1901.g. made the first major attempts to produce and sell food products using automated factory machinery because seen that in this field can make an enormous profit. Most of these early attempts failed because people have doubted the validity of the food was not fresh and that is poured directly from farms, and processing technology itself was pretty bad. As long as the living standard of people was at the height, these products have not had success. Company Crisco, (12) was on one occasion tried to promote one of these artificial products, such as it is distributed free to American housewives to gain their confidence and began to use it instead of the usual lard.

When margarine was thrown on the market, they are vehemently opposed to many states in which it was developed dairy industry. When the 30-ies there was a so-called. "Great Depression", margarine and Crisco companies other refined and hydrogenated products were able to penetrate into the American food market. The resistance of the dairy industry in the introduction of margarine consumption is nearly extinguished during the Second World War because there was not enough butter for the needs of civilians and the military. (13) Then the dairy industry has lost support, and simply had to be reconciled with those that share the market, and turned To supply the army.

Oil from flax and fish oil, which are usually able to find in stores and have been part of the normal diet of the population before the onset of diabetes disappeared from shelves in stores. The company Archer Daniels Midland was the last producer of linseed oil, with its production ceased in 1950. year.

Sometime later, one of the fats that remain and that they were truly healthy, it was subjected to a massive media disinformation campaign and displayed as a saturated fat that caused heart disease. As a result, she literally had to disappear from store shelves. So the coconut oil was removed from the diet and replaced by soybean oil, cotton seed oil and rapeseed (14). Our parents and grandparents would never replace what is beautiful and healthy coconut oil for this cheap waste material used today. Shortly after this successful media war, the American people have lost the war for oil. Over many years, coconut oil has been our most effective means of food for weight control.

The history of this meticulously compromising purity of our food is completely parallel with the increasing epidemic of diabetes and hyperinsulinemia that is now widely represented not only in America but also worldwide.

The second step in treating this disease is a cessation of belief in the lie that our food products are healthy and nutritious.

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