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The power of vitamin C, Part 2

Vitamin C beats swine flu

Dr. Thomas Levy, an expert on the effects of vitamin C on viruses and author of the book Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Disease and Toxins says: "I have come across a flu virus to that vitamin C would not have Virucidal effect until enough vitamin C reaches the virus, as in any acute infection. I do not know for Tamiflu, but vitamin C certainly has no negative side effects. "

In connection with the bird flu, an immunologist Dr. Robert Cathcart, who is in vitamin C treated thousands of cases of life-threatening infectious diseases, said: "The treatment of avian flu to large doses of ascorbate would be the same as any other flu, but the severity of disease suggests that might be required unusually high oral doses of ascorbic acid or even intravenous sodium ascorbate. I have not seen any flu that has not been cured or substantially alleviated by massive doses of vitamin C, but it is possible that the bird flu still need higher doses. …

The Power of Vitamin C

Prevention and control of cancer are not only less well known or "forgotten" role of vitamin C. This vitamin in high doses has proved effective in preventing and treating many diseases, particularly interesting is its effectiveness in those for whom the vaccine is usually considered the only solution.

With the coming colder months usually think of vitamin C for his role in the prevention and treatment of colds and flu. The role of vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) in strengthening the immune system has long been widely known, largely thanks to the work of the famous chemist and Nobel laureate Linus Pauling that it was 1970-they began to popularize it as an effective prevention of colds.
Somewhat less known link between vitamin C and cancer. Yet in 1954. Canadian physician WJ McCormick hypothesized that cancer is a collagen disease, associated with a lack of vitamin C. Pauling demonstrated that mice that were given with food high doses of vitamin C were five times less likely of d…

Diabetes - the dreaded truth, The End

The nature of this disease

Diabetes means the body as the inability to properly metabolize carbohydrates. Its main symptom is high blood glucose levels. Type 1 diabetes, occurs as a result of insufficient production of insulin by the pancreas. Type 2 diabetes, occurs as a result of ineffectiveness of insulin. In both these cases, blood glucose level remains elevated. In cases of insufficient amounts of insulin or its ineffectiveness, the level of sugar in the blood can not be maintained within normal limits. In the case of type 2 diabetes, high blood sugar is monitored with a chronically high insulin levels, as well as serious endocrine disorders.

Ineffective insulin is no different from effective insulin. Its ineffectiveness lies in the inability of cells to adequately respond to it. It is not about any of the biochemical absence of insulin. Hence arises that this is about a disease that is reflected in almost every cell of about 70 trillion of them, the human body. All these cells …

Diabetes - the dreaded truth, Part 2

Treatment vs Treatment

This new, wondrous medicinal product expected to be effective as insulin, alleviating undesirable symptoms of the disease, but not effective in terms of eliminating their causes that cures the disease. Thus the patient had to use it until the end of his life. He would also have to meet the requirements for patenting that should not be doing any kind of natural substances because they are as such not patentable. Like insulin, it was supposed to be very profitable. Mandatory government regulation would be needed to stimulate physicians to prescribe the product. Experiments are needed to be done in order to obtain government permission, it will be very costly, to prevent the emergence of other unapproved products, as well as competition.
Such is the origin of the classic medical protocol of "treating the symptoms." By acting so, pharmaceutical companies and doctors may very well prosper in this business, and patients are nevertheless not cure, but they o…