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The results of these new research on the nutritional value of natural substances and methods to prevent metastasis and improve treatment for cancer completely agree with the methods used in holistic programs for cancer.
One of the main pillars of holistic therapies against cancer is intestinal hygiene, in addition to systemic antimicrobial therapy. These new findings not only confirm the value of the intestinal hygiene, but also the need for antimicrobial therapy. The latter is directed against the pleomorphic microorganism that can cause autoimmune diseases and cancer. Conventional medicine does not accept the evidence of the existence of these microorganisms, arguing that in these cases the immune system simply programmed incorrectly and attacks its own healthy cells. The team leader who came to the aforementioned discovery of the 'autoantibodies' said: "What we thought of that autoantibodies generated against the body itself, can now be regarded as antibodies directed against the hidden bacteria. In autoimmune diseases, immune system attacks itself. He protects the body from pathogenic organisms.
Another fundamental aspect of holistic therapies against cancer is the use of diet or fasting for the removal of protein residues and oxidized fats stored in cells, leading to colonization of pleomorphic microorganisms and blocking oxidative energy metabolism, as can be seen in cancer cells and autoimmune diseases. Both these principles have now received confirmation of conventional research.
In addition, we see now widely accepted evidence supporting the benefits of reducing emotional stress through meditation and replace fear with positive emotions. All this supports the widely accepted research an important principle of holistic therapies against cancer. Instead of the tumor exhibits stress by trying to destroy it, it needs to maintain a happy by filling their needs in order to rejoin the community of healthy cells.
How would you understand this better consider the following allegory. There is, for example, the mythical country with a lot of disgruntled people. A city declared its independence and distanced himself up a wall to protect itself. The ruler can now choose: destroy the city or to reassure him, to join the rest of the country in peaceful cooperation. If a destruction of the town, the surviving rebels will try to encourage uprisings in other countries parts. The ruler does not know how much support the rebels could get elsewhere. If they get great support, it does not matter whether the rebel city to be destroyed; harmless in any event. But if there is sufficient support, the ruler is likely to be overthrown. What is a wiser option: destroy the city or to reassure its residents?
The same choice exists in the treatment of cancer. Conventional treatments are elected uncompromising destruction regardless of the consequences, while trying a holistic treatment approach to pacification. Most likely the tumor initially has a low malignancy that can be easy to contact, but excessive or constant stress push the tumor by increasing malignancy and generate support in other parts of the body. This stress may be the result of fear, resentment, emotional shock, malnutrition, radiation or chemical attack. The opposite approach will reduce the malignancy, and may involve normalization of the metabolism of cancer cells, boosting the immune system and reduce stress through meditation and emotional therapies.
Recently, he even suggested chemotherapy protocol that establishes a truce with the tumor. Based on the idea that the tumor is destroyed, but is given only as much chemotherapy as needed to prevent its further growth. The researcher said: "In mouse models of ovarian cancer if you treat it with very high doses, the tumor disappeared. Looks like you've healed. But a few weeks later he returned and began to kill animals. It is a standard outcome. We have done that we using lower doses of drugs and applied them when it was necessary. We were able to maintain a stable tumor mice alive indefinitely. "
Instead of using chemotherapy, the alkalinizing holistic therapy is a method of first choice for stabilization of the tumor and preventing its further growth. You can then your tumor more seem happy fulfilling its other needs: the normalization of its oxidative metabolism restart energy production, the removal of toxic sludge that started all these problems, the defense of pleomorphic microorganisms and also by reducing stress hormones through meditation and emotional therapy.
Then the cells were malignant or again to regain normal function, or, if they were too damaged, volunteered to die (in a process called apoptosis).
In addition, tumor is gradually dissolved by repeated periods of cleaning the raw food. But until the tumor is present, especially as a primary tumor that is not under stress, it will be your friend so they will suppress the development of dangerous metastasis. Even after removing the primary tumor because of ignorance, this cooperative approach is the only promising option.

Based on available data, I conclude that most of the suffering and death associated with cancer, a result of medical treatment, not the disease itself. With so much effort is currently investing to medicine was based on evidence, I am confident that they will not need another 100 years to the current ineffective and harmful and widely accepted treatment for cancer replaced cooperative and effective natural therapies.

Autor:  Walter Last  a retired biochemist, a research chemist and nutritionist nanoterapeut who worked in Germany, the United States, New Zealand and Australia, where she now lives. He has written many articles for magazines on health, as well as several books. For the currently available books, including the new  Heal Yourself the Natural Way, see www.the-healyourself-series.com
Details about the article can be found in his book Overcoming Cancer and on his website http://www.health-science-spirit.com where you can also find information about the health issues.

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