Evidence that cancer surgery increases mortality,Part 4

-Some organizations are trying to persuade women to mammographic screening, and denying them this information about the possible harm because the disclosure would be contrary to achieving their goal.
-During the greater part of the 20th century, radical mastectomy was accepted therapy for breast cancer. Unfortunately, only 23% of patients survived to 10 years. For the surgeon's natural reaction to this failure was to take an even more radical surgery.
-The next step of medical oncologists was similar to that of a surgeon: if we do not act, Let's try a lot! It has been shown that high-dose chemotherapy with autologous transplantation of bone marrow failure - and, what is less talked about that episode of mourning in the history of treatment for breast cancer, the better.
-Analysis of the pathology and autopsy studies suggest that most hidden tumor in the breast (and prostate) may never reach clinical significance.
-Cancer cells and micrometastases remain in a state of lethargy while some signal, perhaps an act of surgery or some other negative event in their lives (emotional shock, according dr.Hamer), not to encourage rapid growth. The act of wounding the patient creates a favorable environment for the sudden transition from latent micrometastasis in the active phase.
Large-inhibiting primary tumor growth and development of distant metastases? Removing the primary tumor leads to rapid development and growth of a large number of latent metastasis, of which the majority remained dormant or gone to the primary tumor was removed. Effect of postoperative stimulation of growth already existing latent metastasis is the result of removing the primary tumor.
-Other types of cancer also should be carefully studied. There are data that show signs of similar activity, particularly in melanoma and osteosarcoma.

Inhibition of metastasis
The authors of this review suggest that the provision of angiogenesis inhibitors during the first operation could be the answer for prevention of metastasis. These drugs inhibit the development of blood vessels - including those in tumors, so that they can not grow. But now it was discovered that these drugs lead to a reduction of the tumor only in the beginning. Tumors then enter a phase of rapid growth, forming local and distant metastases. One of the researchers commented: "Well vascularized tumor is well fed and satisfied. Nothing encourages him not to become invasive. ... Our hypothesis is that if you stop the tumor blood supply, it encourages the cancer to become invasive - more prone to metastasis - because it requires more oxygen and nutrients. "
Yet there is a way out. Appears with an increasing number of natural methods that inhibit tumors, and maintain content.
Here are a few examples of studies that confirm the holistic principles the causes and cures for cancer:

-Vitamin D improves outcomes of surgery
Patients with the highest vitamin D intake who had surgery during the summer have three times the rate of survival without disease and four times better overall survival rate of patients with the lowest vitamin D intake who had surgery during the winter.

-Antioxidants inhibit metastasis
Reactive oxygen species such as superoxide and hydrogen peroxide, which generates the body, play a key role in the formation of cellular protrusions associated with the migration of cancer cells and tumor metastasis. Antioxidants inhibit such an invasive behavior of cancer cells.

-Bicarbonate inhibits metastasis
Oral sodium bicarbonate inhibits tumor growth and the creation of spontaneous metastasis in mouse models of metastatic breast cancer. It also reduces the rate of lymph node involvement and metastases to the liver.
Bicarbonate-makes lymph alkalescent, which inhibits inflammation
In order to tumor spread, it must dissolve the surrounding connective tissue, but this only happens if the tissue enough rain to activate the proteolytic enzymes, tumor

Papaya-suppresses tumor
Tea made from dried leaves of papaya has a dramatic effect against a wide range of tumors that are grown in the laboratory, including cervical cancer, breast, liver, lung and pancreas. Anti-cancer is stronger with higher doses of tea.

-Ginkgo biloba has anti-stress
Ginkgo extract significantly slows the growth of aggressive breast cancer cells and inhibits the growth of implanted tumor for more than 80%. Ginkgo also reduces stress hormones that are released for fear of cancer diagnosis, how the tumor would become invasive.

-Meditation reduces stress
Women with breast cancer can reduce stress and improve your mental health and emotional well-being through meditation, such as transcendental meditation.
Cancer-causing effects of environmental cancer
President's Committee on cancer in the U.S. reported that "the real burden of cancer caused by environmental tremendously undervalued," and strongly urged to take steps towards reducing human exposure to carcinogenic influences. Such exposure not only stimulates the formation of primary tumors, but also the probability of metastasis.

-The risk of cancer is inherited
Daughters of pregnant female rats were fed an unhealthy diet are more likely cancer sucking. But even if these daughters then healthy food, their descendants continue to have an increased risk for this disease.

-Occasional child are best for cancer prevention
Occasional child are much more effective than a permanent restriction of calories, while an unlimited intake of food the worst option for the prevention of breast cancer, according to experimental studies in mice. In these experiments with food, calories were reduced by 25% compared with control mice. The incidence of tumors sucking was 71% in the control mice who ate the food as much as they wanted, 35% among those who were chronically restricted calories, and only 9% in those who had occasional limited calories.

-Poor hygiene causes of intestinal cancer
Recent studies conclude that give disbiosa or unhealthy intestinal flora of the gastrointestinal tract can cause cancer.
- 'Autoantibodies' can be created as a reaction to the hidden bacteria
Now it is proved that in autoimmune diseases the immune system does not attack healthy cells, it attacks microbes that are hidden in these cells. They are also a major cause of cancer in previous studies, they called them "cancer microbes".

The cause was cancer protein wastes inside the cell
Cells must remove damaged proteins, or accumulated trash can lead do this to develop into cancerous tumors. If this waste is not discharged, it can lead to intoxication, genome damage and inflammation, which in turn can boost the progress of cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Post-helps in the treatment of cancer
Post reduces tumor growth, it makes cancer cells more sensitive to chemotherapy and protects normal cells from the toxic effects of chemotherapy. It was found that the post of 48 hours is sufficient to significantly suppress tumor progression in breast cancer model in mice. In a mouse model, the post (without chemotherapy) caused a reduction in tumor growth for the practices of 50%. When the post was combined with chemotherapy, reduced tumor growth up to 90% compared with untreated control mice. In vitro studies have used breast cancer cells yielded similar results. Comparable results were obtained with glioma, neuroblastoma and melanoma, also, survival time has increased, and metastases were reduced. Now researchers want to find and use a drug that would mimic the positive effects of fasting.

Will continue ...

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