Evidence that cancer surgery increases mortality, Part 2

Diagnostic X-rays cause cancer
It is estimated that diagnostic X-rays during the lifetime of causing up to 3.2% of additional cases of cancer in the population. Japan, with 3.3%, and Germany are among countries with the highest rate of cancer than X-rays, and Australia with 1.3%, while the United Kingdom of Poland and the lowest risk of 0.6% over a lifetime.

Radiation therapy damages the bone
The scientific world was rocked a report that a therapeutic dose of radiation can cause significant loss of bone tissue. A few years later may develop osteoporosis, osteonecrosis, or bone cancer.

Radiation launches cancer
It is known that exposure to ionizing radiation causes genetic damage that can make cells cancerous. A new study has found that radiation možeizmjeniti environment that surrounds the cell, so that future cells are more likely to become cancerous.

Chemotherapy promotes metastasis
Chemotherapy drug Taxol * mikrokrakovi causes cancer cells to grow longer and that the tumor cells quickly paste. When Taxol treatment before surgery to reduce the primary tumor, the levels of circulating tumor cells grow 1000-10000 times, potentially increasing metastasis.

Tamoxifen increases the risk of aggressive tumors
Use of tamoxifen in patients with breast cancer reduced their risk of getting more frequent and less dangerous types of secondary breast cancer, but more than quadruples the risk of causing more aggressive and lethal tumors.

Biopsies cause metastasis
Biopsies can actively encourage the spread of metastases. Biopsy needle caused a 50% increase in metastatic spread of breast cancer to nearby lymph nodes compared with the removal of nodules.

Stress stimulates cancer
Stress hormones protect cancer cells from self-destruction and promote tumor growth and spread directly and indirectly weakening the immune system and encouraging the growth of new blood vessels in tumors. The patient's stress was associated with faster disease progression.

Stress kills
Stress hormones are released in large quantities in fear during the operation. They greatly weaken the immune system and encourage the spread of metastases. It has been shown to block stress hormones in animal models causes an increase in long-term postoperative survival rates of 200 to 300%.

Hormone replacement therapy increases the risk of metastatic breast cancer
Earlier it was shown that hormone replacement therapy increases the risk of breast cancer. Now a new study has found that it also increases the likelihood of metastasis, or spread, to lymph nodes.

A sudden drop in the rate of breast cancer
In recent years, breast cancer rates have fallen sharply due to the sudden drop in the appropriate use of hormone replacement therapy.

Ernest H. Krokowski, dr.sci.med. (1926th-1985th), was a professor of radiology in Germany. His research provided the first convincing evidence that cancer surgery promote metastasis. While many of his articles on different topics and still easily accessible to the public, his research on the relationship between operations and metastases are difficult to find, even in Germany. His only work on the subject in the English language is not in the list of PubMed, a magazine which was released over there. Due to the obvious importance of this research I published that article on my web site at http://www.health-sciencespirit.com/Krokowski.pdf. You could also take a lecture on the subject in German.
The summary of Dr. Krokowskog from 1979. writes: "More can not doubt that under certain conditions, diagnostic or surgical procedures may lead to metastasis. Analysis of the growth rate of metastases showed that 30% (at hipernefroma (up to 90% (with sarcoma and seminoma) were diagnosed metastases caused by such actions. It is found in many animal experiments and clinical observations, and requires changes in the currently accepted concept of cancer therapy. Previously applied and proven treatments, surgery and radiation must be preceded by prophylaxis of metastasis. There are also three different ways to achieve such a prophylaxis. "
Using radiographic recording dr.Krokowski measured the growth rate of 2893 metastatic tumors in 568 patients with various types of cancer. From this he drew the following conclusions:

1st Metastases arise only from the primary tumor or from their local recurrence, spread or all at once or in just a couple of occasions.
2nd Metastases in lymph nodes behave biologically differently from metastases in the organs (metastasis to the lymph nodes are relatively harmless; metastases in the organs are very dangerous).
3rd Over 3000 growth curves / including data from experiments on animals) can be described by a formula of growth. Growth curves very large number of metastases, from 30 to 90 percent, depending on the type of tumor, can be traced back to the time of first treatment.
Here are some key observations from his article:

-Inflated percentages of success (cancer surgery) or are the result of selective assembly of the studied group of patients or the appropriate custom that the corrected statistics.

-Healing associated with the same stage and tumor size did not improve in the last 20-25 years (actually, since the 1950s).

-Untreated postmenopausal women with breast cancer live longer than medically treated patients.

-Metastases in the fast growing tumors occur before the slow growing tumor. This suggests that these metastases begin their development at the same time as surgery.

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