Evidence that cancer surgery increases mortality

Studies suggest that surgery and other medical interventions stimulate growth and spread of tumors, and holistic therapies against cancer have an inhibitory effect

In studies of cancer are generally considered to be accepted that the vast majority of patients, or about 90% of them die from metastases or secondary tumors, and only a small minority of primary tumors. Therefore, the therapists and patients, should be greatly concerned that 30 years ago dr.sci.med. Ernest H. Krokowski (1926th-1985th) conclusively proved that the operations are a major cause of cancer metastasis. However, the profession has been totally ignored by the research and patients never hear about it.

Since coming to light all the more disturbing information, and is now an international team of leading cancer researchers has published a comprehensive review with a conclusion that is clear from the titles: "Operation encourage reporting lantentne distant disease in breast cancer: The unfortunate truth? (" Distant Latent Disease in Breast Cancer : An Inconvenient Truth? "Cancers 2010; 2:305-337; http://www.mdpi.com/2072-6694/2/2/305/pdf).
Because the undisputed reputation of the members of that team, the medical profession can no longer ignore their conclusions, although causing a huge fuss. I expect that efforts at this time focused on preventing that this information becomes generally known to the general public.
This review showed that the future metastases organimaneovisne on the size of primary tumor, malignancy, or his apparent involvement of any lymph nodes. It appears that metastases mainly depend on the level of stress suffered by the tumor and the patient, the stimulation of growth due to the mechanism of wound healing induced by surgery and the health of the immune system.
Moreover, as demonstrated by the following examples, the operation is not the only medical procedure that increases metastasis. In recent years, regularly published research which shows that virtually all medical interventions can stimulate metastasis.
While the majority of cancer research funded by pharmaceutical companies to increase their profits, a growing number of independent studies that show the negative side of conventional cancer therapy. Here's a small selection of interesting results.

Conflicts of interest in cancer research
This analysis shows why it is so difficult to get to the truth in medical research. In a considerable number of articles on cancer research published in medical journals, there are conflicts of interest between researchers and pharmaceutical companies a high degree of financial ties. These conflicts provide biased tezultate with better outcomes for the studied drugs and technologies.

Experts want to discontinue screening
Screening for breast cancer and prostate cancer has not led to a drop in the number of deaths from these diseases. Instead, the programs lead to excessive screening and detection of excessive treatment.

Morphine stimulates cancer and shortened life
Morphine is used in the treatment of cancer last two centuries. Today, research shows that stimulates the growth and spread of cancer cells and reduces survival time of patients.

To be continued...

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