Diabetes - the dreaded truth

Greedy and dishonest science promoted a lucrative worldwide epidemic of diabetes that honesty scale and true science can quickly stop the establishment of a natural mechanism for controlling blood sugar levels.


If you have diabetes and you live in America, all the opportunities that your doctor will never tell you that most cases of diabetes is curable. In fact, if in the vicinity just mention the word "cure" all the opportunities that he will become angry or irrational. His education, acquired at a medical school, allowing him only to use the word "treatment". For him, the word "cure" does not exist. Diabetes, in this epidemic its current form, is a curable disease and was curable in some 40 years. According to the latest data from the U.S., in 2001, of the symptoms of the disease died, 934 550 Americans (1).

Your doctor will tell you also that the stroke, both types, ischemic and hemorrhagic, heart problems due to neuropathy, as well as disturbances in the circulation of the blood vessels of the heart, obesity, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, impotence, damage to the retina of the eye, kidney failure, impairment of liver function, ovarian cysts, high blood sugar, candida, a metabolic disorder carbo-hydrates, slow iscjelenje wounds, disorders in fat metabolism, peripheral neuropathy, as well as many other medical conditions present epidemic proportions , once placed him in the category of symptoms of diabetes.

If you develop diabetes and depend on so-called treatment. orthodox medicine, sooner or later it will come to a rapid deterioration in one or more symptoms of the disease. Today it has become common practice that these symptoms are treated as separate, independent disease, and they separately and treated by a specialist doctor.

It is true that some of these symptoms can sometimes originating from other causes, however, it is also true that the facts used to be disguised with the original role of diabetes and to justify the efficacy of therapy for these symptoms.

Epidemic form of diabetes, type II, is curable. Until you reach the end of this article, you'll find out. You'll find out why diabetes is not treated routinely, and how to cure it. You may be angry when you see what a handful of greedy people constantly makes the entire medical community and patients that they showed their confidence.

   Diabetes Industry

Today's diabetes industry is a massive community that has continually grown, step by step, all of its dubious origin at the beginning of the twentieth century. In the past 80 years she has achieved tremendous success in shutting out the voices of those who try to point to this great deception in modern diabetes treatment. She has already turned into a religion as any religion, it largely depends on vijernikove faith. She became so successful that it verges on blasphemy if he says that, in most cases, the kindly priest with the stethoscope prominently dangling from his neck, nothing but a charlatan and a fraud. In most cases, he never cured a single case of diabetes in his entire medical career.

Financial and political influence of the medical community is almost completely subordinate to it original purpose of our regulatory agencies. They routinely approve of a deadly and ineffective drugs are not sufficiently tested. The former head of the FDA (U.S. Department of Health, prim. Prev), Dr Herbert Ley, in testimony before the U.S. Senate, said: "People think the FDA is protecting them. This is not true. What the FDA is doing and what people think that the FDA order, are as different as night and day. "(2)

Financial and political influence of this medical community dominates our entire medical insurance industry. Although this is beginning to change, America is still hard to find health insurance for employers that covers alternative medical treatments. Orthodox medicine is standard in all U.S. states. Alternative medicine is not. For example, in 11 states there are only 1400 registered naturopaths in relation to 3.4 million registered traditional medicine practitioners in 50 states. (3) Generally speaking, the only allowed treatment by a registered, credible practitioners may be subject to insurance. As a result, creates a special kind of money that circulates only within the traditional medical and pharmaceutical industries. No other industry in the world is not able to influence those policies that provide convincing people that they accept to pay such a large portion of their salary in a form that does not allow them to spend the money in the way that they deem appropriate.

Financial and political influence of the medical community fully control the loggerhead each publication on the topic of diabetes in this country. Many publications on the topic of diabetes were financially supported by advertisements for funds for curing diabetes. Not one editor will not allow that in his magazine revealed the truth. That is why diabetics are paid only one-third or one quarter of the price of printing the magazine on which they rely to obtain accurate information. The rest is replaced by the 'manufacturer of diabetes', which have great commercial interest to prevent diabetes in curing their disease. If you are looking for a magazine that tells the truth about diabetes, you first see whether it is full of advertisements for the promotion of funds for the treatment of diabetes.

Also, there are various companies that collect donations for the study of drugs against various diseases. Every year, they assured us that a particular drug is right there, just around the corner - just send us more money! Some of these organizations are clearly implied in the fact that his advice just to promote development and progress of diabetes in their vijernih supporters. For example, they are fiercely advocated kinds of food, (4) which has proved to be worthless-as it is able to see whoever they are adhered to. They ridiculed the use of glycemic pills that can help diabetics pretty. They promoted the margarine as a healthy heart, long after it was learned that margarine causes diabetes and contributes to heart failure. (5)
If people ever wake up and accept treatment for diabetes that are hidden for 40 years, this company will be dissolved shortly thereafter. But until then, that they will greatly depend on our support.

For 40 years medical research we all clearly show that diabetes is a degenerative disease that is directly caused by food products that are oriented toward making a profit instead of health. While this information can be quite easily found in piles of literature on the subject of medical research, those in our practice is not available. In any case, this information is not available in medical schools where we are training our doctors-sellers. From the resources that caused our present epidemic of diabetes are very prominent - rendered fats and oils - which are now sold in supermarkets.

The first step in treating diabetes is to stop believing the lie that diabetes is incurable.

  History of diabetes

In 1922 three Canadian Nobel laureate, Banting, Best and Macleod, saved the life of a fourteen year old girl in the General Hospital in Toronto, with the help of insulin injections. (6) The company Eli Lilly was licensed to produce a miraculous new drug while the medical community bathed in glory well done work.

Sometime around 1933 there have been rumors about a new and vicious type of diabetes. The news was presented by Joslyn, Dublin and Marks and published in the American Journal of Medical Sciences. In this article titled, "Study of Diabetes Mellitus", (7) to discuss the emergence of a new epidemic disease, which was very similar to diabetes in the early 20-ies, with the proviso that this disease is not responsive to the miraculous insulin. Worse still, some patients died after treatment with insulin.

This new disease became known as "insulin-resistant diabetes" because it was characterized by elevated blood sugar levels, as in diabetes, but there were no positive reactions to insulin therapy. Many doctors have had quite a lot of success in treating this disease through regulation of diet. Between 1930 and 1940 much has already been revealed about the connection between food and diabetes.
Diabetes, which is among the American population was represented by 0.0028% per capita, at the beginning of this century, up to 1933 jumped 1000% and become a disease that many doctors have begun to meet. (8) The disease is under various names until 1990. was affected more than half the American population and incapacitate almost 20% of the population. (9)

In 1950 medical community is trained to determine the level of insulin in the blood. Such analysis soon showed that this disease was not classic diabetes; for it was characteristic of normal or elevated insulin levels. The problem was that the insulin was ineffective and he has not lowered blood sugar levels. However, given that this bilest was known during the past 20 years as a diabetic, it is now known as diabetes type-2. That was the reason that it differed from previous types of diabetes (type 1), caused due to impaired production of insulin by the pancreas.

That the discoveries in the field of human nutrition, and retained a publicly available at least some of those 60-years, diabetes would have been regarded as a treatable disease, not only susceptible to treatment. Instead, in 1950 began the search for other wonderful product designed to treat the problem of type 2 diabetes

 Will continue ...

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