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Diabetes - the dreaded truth

Greedy and dishonest science promoted a lucrative worldwide epidemic of diabetes that honesty scale and true science can quickly stop the establishment of a natural mechanism for controlling blood sugar levels.


If you have diabetes and you live in America, all the opportunities that your doctor will never tell you that most cases of diabetes is curable. In fact, if in the vicinity just mention the word "cure" all the opportunities that he will become angry or irrational. His education, acquired at a medical school, allowing him only to use the word "treatment". For him, the word "cure" does not exist. Diabetes, in this epidemic its current form, is a curable disease and was curable in some 40 years. According to the latest data from the U.S., in 2001, of the symptoms of the disease died, 934 550 Americans (1).

Your doctor will tell you also that the stroke, both types, ischemic and hemorrhagic, heart problems due to neuropathy, as well as dis…

Evidence that cancer surgery increases mortality, The End

Natural solution

The results of these new research on the nutritional value of natural substances and methods to prevent metastasis and improve treatment for cancer completely agree with the methods used in holistic programs for cancer.
One of the main pillars of holistic therapies against cancer is intestinal hygiene, in addition to systemic antimicrobial therapy. These new findings not only confirm the value of the intestinal hygiene, but also the need for antimicrobial therapy. The latter is directed against the pleomorphic microorganism that can cause autoimmune diseases and cancer. Conventional medicine does not accept the evidence of the existence of these microorganisms, arguing that in these cases the immune system simply programmed incorrectly and attacks its own healthy cells. The team leader who came to the aforementioned discovery of the 'autoantibodies' said: "What we thought of that autoantibodies generated against the body itself, can now be regarded as an…

Evidence that cancer surgery increases mortality,Part 4

-Some organizations are trying to persuade women to mammographic screening, and denying them this information about the possible harm because the disclosure would be contrary to achieving their goal.
-During the greater part of the 20th century, radical mastectomy was accepted therapy for breast cancer. Unfortunately, only 23% of patients survived to 10 years. For the surgeon's natural reaction to this failure was to take an even more radical surgery.
-The next step of medical oncologists was similar to that of a surgeon: if we do not act, Let's try a lot! It has been shown that high-dose chemotherapy with autologous transplantation of bone marrow failure - and, what is less talked about that episode of mourning in the history of treatment for breast cancer, the better.
-Analysis of the pathology and autopsy studies suggest that most hidden tumor in the breast (and prostate) may never reach clinical significance.
-Cancer cells and micrometastases remain in a state of leth…

Evidence that cancer surgery increases mortality,Part 3

The current-cancer surgery can be considered another Semmelweisovim phenomenon!
(Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis advocated that surgeons wash their hands to stop killing women during childbirth.)
- Manipulating tumor, such as touching and strong squeezing (as in the process of mammography), biopsy or surgery, resulting in a sharp increase in the number of tumor cells released into the blood, with higher probability of metastasis formation.
- The link between operations and the development of metastases were particularly impressive in a reference case: a patient with sarcoma, making metastasis occurred after surgery of primary tumor and each time after four subsequent operations of local recurrence.
- The medicine has long been taught that melanoma is not harming behavior, since the wounds caused almost explosive growth of metastases.
- Metastases can be induced not only harm the tumor, but also unrelated operations in other parts of the body.
- As a tumor becomes ever larger, slower growi…

Evidence that cancer surgery increases mortality, Part 2

Diagnostic X-rays cause cancer
It is estimated that diagnostic X-rays during the lifetime of causing up to 3.2% of additional cases of cancer in the population. Japan, with 3.3%, and Germany are among countries with the highest rate of cancer than X-rays, and Australia with 1.3%, while the United Kingdom of Poland and the lowest risk of 0.6% over a lifetime.

Radiation therapy damages the bone
The scientific world was rocked a report that a therapeutic dose of radiation can cause significant loss of bone tissue. A few years later may develop osteoporosis, osteonecrosis, or bone cancer.

Radiation launches cancer
It is known that exposure to ionizing radiation causes genetic damage that can make cells cancerous. A new study has found that radiation možeizmjeniti environment that surrounds the cell, so that future cells are more likely to become cancerous.

Chemotherapy promotes metastasis
Chemotherapy drug Taxol * mikrokrakovi causes cancer cells to grow longer and that the tumor cells q…

Evidence that cancer surgery increases mortality

Studies suggest that surgery and other medical interventions stimulate growth and spread of tumors, and holistic therapies against cancer have an inhibitory effect

In studies of cancer are generally considered to be accepted that the vast majority of patients, or about 90% of them die from metastases or secondary tumors, and only a small minority of primary tumors. Therefore, the therapists and patients, should be greatly concerned that 30 years ago Ernest H. Krokowski (1926th-1985th) conclusively proved that the operations are a major cause of cancer metastasis. However, the profession has been totally ignored by the research and patients never hear about it.

Since coming to light all the more disturbing information, and is now an international team of leading cancer researchers has published a comprehensive review with a conclusion that is clear from the titles: "Operation encourage reporting lantentne distant disease in breast cancer: The unfortunate truth? ("…

Estrogen, Progesterone And Breast Health

    What Effect do Hormones Have?

Molecular biologist, Dr. Ben Formby of Copenhagen, Denmark and Dr. T.S. Wiley at the University of California in Santa Barbara have researched two genes, BCL2 and P53, and their effect on female-specific cancers and prostate cancer.

Cells of breast, endometrium, ovary and prostate, were grown in the laboratory. Estrogen (estradiol) was added to the cells. This hormone turned on the BCL2 gene, causing the cells to grow rapidly and not die. Then, progesterone was added to the cell cultures. Cell reproduction stopped and the cells died on time (apoptosis).

This methodology was applied to all the above types of cancer. The BCL2 gene, therefore, stimulates the growth of these cells and the risk of cancer. On the other hand, the P53 gene promotes apoptosis or programmed cell death and thereby, reduces the risk of cancer. Estradiol upregulates or stimulates the production of the BCL2 gene, while progesterone upregulates or stimulates the production of the P…