Diabetes - the dreaded truth

Greedy and dishonest science promoted a lucrative worldwide epidemic of diabetes that honesty scale and true science can quickly stop the establishment of a natural mechanism for controlling blood sugar levels.


If you have diabetes and you live in America, all the opportunities that your doctor will never tell you that most cases of diabetes is curable. In fact, if in the vicinity just mention the word "cure" all the opportunities that he will become angry or irrational. His education, acquired at a medical school, allowing him only to use the word "treatment". For him, the word "cure" does not exist. Diabetes, in this epidemic its current form, is a curable disease and was curable in some 40 years. According to the latest data from the U.S., in 2001, of the symptoms of the disease died, 934 550 Americans (1).

Your doctor will tell you also that the stroke, both types, ischemic and hemorrhagic, heart problems due to neuropathy, as well as disturbances in the circulation of the blood vessels of the heart, obesity, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, impotence, damage to the retina of the eye, kidney failure, impairment of liver function, ovarian cysts, high blood sugar, candida, a metabolic disorder carbo-hydrates, slow iscjelenje wounds, disorders in fat metabolism, peripheral neuropathy, as well as many other medical conditions present epidemic proportions , once placed him in the category of symptoms of diabetes.

If you develop diabetes and depend on so-called treatment. orthodox medicine, sooner or later it will come to a rapid deterioration in one or more symptoms of the disease. Today it has become common practice that these symptoms are treated as separate, independent disease, and they separately and treated by a specialist doctor.

It is true that some of these symptoms can sometimes originating from other causes, however, it is also true that the facts used to be disguised with the original role of diabetes and to justify the efficacy of therapy for these symptoms.

Epidemic form of diabetes, type II, is curable. Until you reach the end of this article, you'll find out. You'll find out why diabetes is not treated routinely, and how to cure it. You may be angry when you see what a handful of greedy people constantly makes the entire medical community and patients that they showed their confidence.

   Diabetes Industry

Today's diabetes industry is a massive community that has continually grown, step by step, all of its dubious origin at the beginning of the twentieth century. In the past 80 years she has achieved tremendous success in shutting out the voices of those who try to point to this great deception in modern diabetes treatment. She has already turned into a religion as any religion, it largely depends on vijernikove faith. She became so successful that it verges on blasphemy if he says that, in most cases, the kindly priest with the stethoscope prominently dangling from his neck, nothing but a charlatan and a fraud. In most cases, he never cured a single case of diabetes in his entire medical career.

Financial and political influence of the medical community is almost completely subordinate to it original purpose of our regulatory agencies. They routinely approve of a deadly and ineffective drugs are not sufficiently tested. The former head of the FDA (U.S. Department of Health, prim. Prev), Dr Herbert Ley, in testimony before the U.S. Senate, said: "People think the FDA is protecting them. This is not true. What the FDA is doing and what people think that the FDA order, are as different as night and day. "(2)

Financial and political influence of this medical community dominates our entire medical insurance industry. Although this is beginning to change, America is still hard to find health insurance for employers that covers alternative medical treatments. Orthodox medicine is standard in all U.S. states. Alternative medicine is not. For example, in 11 states there are only 1400 registered naturopaths in relation to 3.4 million registered traditional medicine practitioners in 50 states. (3) Generally speaking, the only allowed treatment by a registered, credible practitioners may be subject to insurance. As a result, creates a special kind of money that circulates only within the traditional medical and pharmaceutical industries. No other industry in the world is not able to influence those policies that provide convincing people that they accept to pay such a large portion of their salary in a form that does not allow them to spend the money in the way that they deem appropriate.

Financial and political influence of the medical community fully control the loggerhead each publication on the topic of diabetes in this country. Many publications on the topic of diabetes were financially supported by advertisements for funds for curing diabetes. Not one editor will not allow that in his magazine revealed the truth. That is why diabetics are paid only one-third or one quarter of the price of printing the magazine on which they rely to obtain accurate information. The rest is replaced by the 'manufacturer of diabetes', which have great commercial interest to prevent diabetes in curing their disease. If you are looking for a magazine that tells the truth about diabetes, you first see whether it is full of advertisements for the promotion of funds for the treatment of diabetes.

Also, there are various companies that collect donations for the study of drugs against various diseases. Every year, they assured us that a particular drug is right there, just around the corner - just send us more money! Some of these organizations are clearly implied in the fact that his advice just to promote development and progress of diabetes in their vijernih supporters. For example, they are fiercely advocated kinds of food, (4) which has proved to be worthless-as it is able to see whoever they are adhered to. They ridiculed the use of glycemic pills that can help diabetics pretty. They promoted the margarine as a healthy heart, long after it was learned that margarine causes diabetes and contributes to heart failure. (5)
If people ever wake up and accept treatment for diabetes that are hidden for 40 years, this company will be dissolved shortly thereafter. But until then, that they will greatly depend on our support.

For 40 years medical research we all clearly show that diabetes is a degenerative disease that is directly caused by food products that are oriented toward making a profit instead of health. While this information can be quite easily found in piles of literature on the subject of medical research, those in our practice is not available. In any case, this information is not available in medical schools where we are training our doctors-sellers. From the resources that caused our present epidemic of diabetes are very prominent - rendered fats and oils - which are now sold in supermarkets.

The first step in treating diabetes is to stop believing the lie that diabetes is incurable.

  History of diabetes

In 1922 three Canadian Nobel laureate, Banting, Best and Macleod, saved the life of a fourteen year old girl in the General Hospital in Toronto, with the help of insulin injections. (6) The company Eli Lilly was licensed to produce a miraculous new drug while the medical community bathed in glory well done work.

Sometime around 1933 there have been rumors about a new and vicious type of diabetes. The news was presented by Joslyn, Dublin and Marks and published in the American Journal of Medical Sciences. In this article titled, "Study of Diabetes Mellitus", (7) to discuss the emergence of a new epidemic disease, which was very similar to diabetes in the early 20-ies, with the proviso that this disease is not responsive to the miraculous insulin. Worse still, some patients died after treatment with insulin.

This new disease became known as "insulin-resistant diabetes" because it was characterized by elevated blood sugar levels, as in diabetes, but there were no positive reactions to insulin therapy. Many doctors have had quite a lot of success in treating this disease through regulation of diet. Between 1930 and 1940 much has already been revealed about the connection between food and diabetes.
Diabetes, which is among the American population was represented by 0.0028% per capita, at the beginning of this century, up to 1933 jumped 1000% and become a disease that many doctors have begun to meet. (8) The disease is under various names until 1990. was affected more than half the American population and incapacitate almost 20% of the population. (9)

In 1950 medical community is trained to determine the level of insulin in the blood. Such analysis soon showed that this disease was not classic diabetes; for it was characteristic of normal or elevated insulin levels. The problem was that the insulin was ineffective and he has not lowered blood sugar levels. However, given that this bilest was known during the past 20 years as a diabetic, it is now known as diabetes type-2. That was the reason that it differed from previous types of diabetes (type 1), caused due to impaired production of insulin by the pancreas.

That the discoveries in the field of human nutrition, and retained a publicly available at least some of those 60-years, diabetes would have been regarded as a treatable disease, not only susceptible to treatment. Instead, in 1950 began the search for other wonderful product designed to treat the problem of type 2 diabetes

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Evidence that cancer surgery increases mortality, The End

    Natural solution

The results of these new research on the nutritional value of natural substances and methods to prevent metastasis and improve treatment for cancer completely agree with the methods used in holistic programs for cancer.
One of the main pillars of holistic therapies against cancer is intestinal hygiene, in addition to systemic antimicrobial therapy. These new findings not only confirm the value of the intestinal hygiene, but also the need for antimicrobial therapy. The latter is directed against the pleomorphic microorganism that can cause autoimmune diseases and cancer. Conventional medicine does not accept the evidence of the existence of these microorganisms, arguing that in these cases the immune system simply programmed incorrectly and attacks its own healthy cells. The team leader who came to the aforementioned discovery of the 'autoantibodies' said: "What we thought of that autoantibodies generated against the body itself, can now be regarded as antibodies directed against the hidden bacteria. In autoimmune diseases, immune system attacks itself. He protects the body from pathogenic organisms.
Another fundamental aspect of holistic therapies against cancer is the use of diet or fasting for the removal of protein residues and oxidized fats stored in cells, leading to colonization of pleomorphic microorganisms and blocking oxidative energy metabolism, as can be seen in cancer cells and autoimmune diseases. Both these principles have now received confirmation of conventional research.
In addition, we see now widely accepted evidence supporting the benefits of reducing emotional stress through meditation and replace fear with positive emotions. All this supports the widely accepted research an important principle of holistic therapies against cancer. Instead of the tumor exhibits stress by trying to destroy it, it needs to maintain a happy by filling their needs in order to rejoin the community of healthy cells.
How would you understand this better consider the following allegory. There is, for example, the mythical country with a lot of disgruntled people. A city declared its independence and distanced himself up a wall to protect itself. The ruler can now choose: destroy the city or to reassure him, to join the rest of the country in peaceful cooperation. If a destruction of the town, the surviving rebels will try to encourage uprisings in other countries parts. The ruler does not know how much support the rebels could get elsewhere. If they get great support, it does not matter whether the rebel city to be destroyed; harmless in any event. But if there is sufficient support, the ruler is likely to be overthrown. What is a wiser option: destroy the city or to reassure its residents?
The same choice exists in the treatment of cancer. Conventional treatments are elected uncompromising destruction regardless of the consequences, while trying a holistic treatment approach to pacification. Most likely the tumor initially has a low malignancy that can be easy to contact, but excessive or constant stress push the tumor by increasing malignancy and generate support in other parts of the body. This stress may be the result of fear, resentment, emotional shock, malnutrition, radiation or chemical attack. The opposite approach will reduce the malignancy, and may involve normalization of the metabolism of cancer cells, boosting the immune system and reduce stress through meditation and emotional therapies.
Recently, he even suggested chemotherapy protocol that establishes a truce with the tumor. Based on the idea that the tumor is destroyed, but is given only as much chemotherapy as needed to prevent its further growth. The researcher said: "In mouse models of ovarian cancer if you treat it with very high doses, the tumor disappeared. Looks like you've healed. But a few weeks later he returned and began to kill animals. It is a standard outcome. We have done that we using lower doses of drugs and applied them when it was necessary. We were able to maintain a stable tumor mice alive indefinitely. "
Instead of using chemotherapy, the alkalinizing holistic therapy is a method of first choice for stabilization of the tumor and preventing its further growth. You can then your tumor more seem happy fulfilling its other needs: the normalization of its oxidative metabolism restart energy production, the removal of toxic sludge that started all these problems, the defense of pleomorphic microorganisms and also by reducing stress hormones through meditation and emotional therapy.
Then the cells were malignant or again to regain normal function, or, if they were too damaged, volunteered to die (in a process called apoptosis).
In addition, tumor is gradually dissolved by repeated periods of cleaning the raw food. But until the tumor is present, especially as a primary tumor that is not under stress, it will be your friend so they will suppress the development of dangerous metastasis. Even after removing the primary tumor because of ignorance, this cooperative approach is the only promising option.

Based on available data, I conclude that most of the suffering and death associated with cancer, a result of medical treatment, not the disease itself. With so much effort is currently investing to medicine was based on evidence, I am confident that they will not need another 100 years to the current ineffective and harmful and widely accepted treatment for cancer replaced cooperative and effective natural therapies.

Autor:  Walter Last  a retired biochemist, a research chemist and nutritionist nanoterapeut who worked in Germany, the United States, New Zealand and Australia, where she now lives. He has written many articles for magazines on health, as well as several books. For the currently available books, including the new  Heal Yourself the Natural Way, see www.the-healyourself-series.com
Details about the article can be found in his book Overcoming Cancer and on his website http://www.health-science-spirit.com where you can also find information about the health issues.

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Evidence that cancer surgery increases mortality,Part 4

-Some organizations are trying to persuade women to mammographic screening, and denying them this information about the possible harm because the disclosure would be contrary to achieving their goal.
-During the greater part of the 20th century, radical mastectomy was accepted therapy for breast cancer. Unfortunately, only 23% of patients survived to 10 years. For the surgeon's natural reaction to this failure was to take an even more radical surgery.
-The next step of medical oncologists was similar to that of a surgeon: if we do not act, Let's try a lot! It has been shown that high-dose chemotherapy with autologous transplantation of bone marrow failure - and, what is less talked about that episode of mourning in the history of treatment for breast cancer, the better.
-Analysis of the pathology and autopsy studies suggest that most hidden tumor in the breast (and prostate) may never reach clinical significance.
-Cancer cells and micrometastases remain in a state of lethargy while some signal, perhaps an act of surgery or some other negative event in their lives (emotional shock, according dr.Hamer), not to encourage rapid growth. The act of wounding the patient creates a favorable environment for the sudden transition from latent micrometastasis in the active phase.
Large-inhibiting primary tumor growth and development of distant metastases? Removing the primary tumor leads to rapid development and growth of a large number of latent metastasis, of which the majority remained dormant or gone to the primary tumor was removed. Effect of postoperative stimulation of growth already existing latent metastasis is the result of removing the primary tumor.
-Other types of cancer also should be carefully studied. There are data that show signs of similar activity, particularly in melanoma and osteosarcoma.

Inhibition of metastasis
The authors of this review suggest that the provision of angiogenesis inhibitors during the first operation could be the answer for prevention of metastasis. These drugs inhibit the development of blood vessels - including those in tumors, so that they can not grow. But now it was discovered that these drugs lead to a reduction of the tumor only in the beginning. Tumors then enter a phase of rapid growth, forming local and distant metastases. One of the researchers commented: "Well vascularized tumor is well fed and satisfied. Nothing encourages him not to become invasive. ... Our hypothesis is that if you stop the tumor blood supply, it encourages the cancer to become invasive - more prone to metastasis - because it requires more oxygen and nutrients. "
Yet there is a way out. Appears with an increasing number of natural methods that inhibit tumors, and maintain content.
Here are a few examples of studies that confirm the holistic principles the causes and cures for cancer:

-Vitamin D improves outcomes of surgery
Patients with the highest vitamin D intake who had surgery during the summer have three times the rate of survival without disease and four times better overall survival rate of patients with the lowest vitamin D intake who had surgery during the winter.

-Antioxidants inhibit metastasis
Reactive oxygen species such as superoxide and hydrogen peroxide, which generates the body, play a key role in the formation of cellular protrusions associated with the migration of cancer cells and tumor metastasis. Antioxidants inhibit such an invasive behavior of cancer cells.

-Bicarbonate inhibits metastasis
Oral sodium bicarbonate inhibits tumor growth and the creation of spontaneous metastasis in mouse models of metastatic breast cancer. It also reduces the rate of lymph node involvement and metastases to the liver.
Bicarbonate-makes lymph alkalescent, which inhibits inflammation
In order to tumor spread, it must dissolve the surrounding connective tissue, but this only happens if the tissue enough rain to activate the proteolytic enzymes, tumor

Papaya-suppresses tumor
Tea made from dried leaves of papaya has a dramatic effect against a wide range of tumors that are grown in the laboratory, including cervical cancer, breast, liver, lung and pancreas. Anti-cancer is stronger with higher doses of tea.

-Ginkgo biloba has anti-stress
Ginkgo extract significantly slows the growth of aggressive breast cancer cells and inhibits the growth of implanted tumor for more than 80%. Ginkgo also reduces stress hormones that are released for fear of cancer diagnosis, how the tumor would become invasive.

-Meditation reduces stress
Women with breast cancer can reduce stress and improve your mental health and emotional well-being through meditation, such as transcendental meditation.
Cancer-causing effects of environmental cancer
President's Committee on cancer in the U.S. reported that "the real burden of cancer caused by environmental tremendously undervalued," and strongly urged to take steps towards reducing human exposure to carcinogenic influences. Such exposure not only stimulates the formation of primary tumors, but also the probability of metastasis.

-The risk of cancer is inherited
Daughters of pregnant female rats were fed an unhealthy diet are more likely cancer sucking. But even if these daughters then healthy food, their descendants continue to have an increased risk for this disease.

-Occasional child are best for cancer prevention
Occasional child are much more effective than a permanent restriction of calories, while an unlimited intake of food the worst option for the prevention of breast cancer, according to experimental studies in mice. In these experiments with food, calories were reduced by 25% compared with control mice. The incidence of tumors sucking was 71% in the control mice who ate the food as much as they wanted, 35% among those who were chronically restricted calories, and only 9% in those who had occasional limited calories.

-Poor hygiene causes of intestinal cancer
Recent studies conclude that give disbiosa or unhealthy intestinal flora of the gastrointestinal tract can cause cancer.
- 'Autoantibodies' can be created as a reaction to the hidden bacteria
Now it is proved that in autoimmune diseases the immune system does not attack healthy cells, it attacks microbes that are hidden in these cells. They are also a major cause of cancer in previous studies, they called them "cancer microbes".

The cause was cancer protein wastes inside the cell
Cells must remove damaged proteins, or accumulated trash can lead do this to develop into cancerous tumors. If this waste is not discharged, it can lead to intoxication, genome damage and inflammation, which in turn can boost the progress of cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Post-helps in the treatment of cancer
Post reduces tumor growth, it makes cancer cells more sensitive to chemotherapy and protects normal cells from the toxic effects of chemotherapy. It was found that the post of 48 hours is sufficient to significantly suppress tumor progression in breast cancer model in mice. In a mouse model, the post (without chemotherapy) caused a reduction in tumor growth for the practices of 50%. When the post was combined with chemotherapy, reduced tumor growth up to 90% compared with untreated control mice. In vitro studies have used breast cancer cells yielded similar results. Comparable results were obtained with glioma, neuroblastoma and melanoma, also, survival time has increased, and metastases were reduced. Now researchers want to find and use a drug that would mimic the positive effects of fasting.

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Evidence that cancer surgery increases mortality,Part 3

The current-cancer surgery can be considered another Semmelweisovim phenomenon!
(Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis advocated that surgeons wash their hands to stop killing women during childbirth.)
- Manipulating tumor, such as touching and strong squeezing (as in the process of mammography), biopsy or surgery, resulting in a sharp increase in the number of tumor cells released into the blood, with higher probability of metastasis formation.
- The link between operations and the development of metastases were particularly impressive in a reference case: a patient with sarcoma, making metastasis occurred after surgery of primary tumor and each time after four subsequent operations of local recurrence.
- The medicine has long been taught that melanoma is not harming behavior, since the wounds caused almost explosive growth of metastases.
- Metastases can be induced not only harm the tumor, but also unrelated operations in other parts of the body.
- As a tumor becomes ever larger, slower growing, and some observations suggest that eventually ceases to grow.
- Radiation therapy and chemotherapy of tumors before and after surgery were unsuccessful.
- The opportunity to increase the cure rate is by far occurs only once during the development of cancer: namely, at the time of first treatment.


As shown in the following review, studies regularly show that it is better for patients that do not affect tumors. But it's not in the interest of industries cancer, which are invasive treatments financial lifeline. Always appears new drugs and new ways of combining chemotherapy and radiotherapy with surgery - followed by claims that it now found a way to extend the life of patients. Development of methods for early detection and classification of small, precancerous, noninvasive and dormant tumor cancers - tumors that would become malignant to be left alone - some statistics may indeed indicate a higher cure rates. That has now changed, with an extensive examination developed by the team's leading cancer researchers. Here's the abstract titled "Operation encourage reporting of latent disease in distant breast cancer: The unfortunate truth?".
"We review our work over the past 14 years, which began when we first met with the bimodal patterns of recurrence in the two databases of breast cancer from different countries. In addition to the accepted paradigm of continuous growth of tumors, these data were inexplicable. How To explain the data, we suggested that the growth of metastatic breast cancer usually involves a period of temporary lethargy to the stage of a cell, and in phase avaskularnih micrometastasis. We have also suggested that surgery to remove the primary tumor is often interrupted by drowsiness, leading to the rapid recurrence. It seems that these iatrogenic events are very frequent, because in this way develops over half of all recurrences matastatskih. Assuming this is true, there should be plenty of clear evidence of clinical data. osvćemo Here is the paradigm of breast cancer from a variety of historical, clinical and scientific perspectives and discuss how to sleepiness caused by interruption of the operation and lethargy could be observed and what it meant. In these diverse data can be identified by drowsiness, but most striking is the sudden synchronized escape from the lethargy after the primary operation. Based on our results, we propose a new paradigm for early stages of breast cancer. Also, we suggest a new treatment that is aimed at stabilizing and preserving the lethargy instead of trying to kill all the cancer cells as is the case with the current strategy. "
Bimodal patterns of recurrence that are discussed in this summary indicate that there are two peak time when metastases occur after surgery of primary tumor. The first peak occurs after 18 months, followed by the decline in 50 months and a broad peak at 60 months, with a long tail that spans 15-20 years. About 50 to 80% of all recurrences occur in the first peak.
Recurrences of large tumors usually occur in the first peak, while the smaller tumor recurrences of the same in both the peak. The first peak there is also a structure. Recurrences in the first 10 months are due to micrometastasis that are already there with the primary tumor and were stimulated to grow. This form is most common among pre-menopausal patients with positive lymph nodes, and over 20% of them get a relapse. The rest of the first peak is the result of individual cancer cells that are initially dormant, but they encourage the sharing operation. Another highlight is then a consequence of individual cancer cells that have spread during surgery, and then gradually develop into metastases.
This dynamic also explains the increased mortality of premenopausal women in the third year of the experiment with mammographic screening: metastases appeared 10 months after screening, and that the time between recurrence and death in breast cancer about two years, this means that the death came about three years after screening. I remember being young and apparently healthy patients which had just removed the breast after a mammogram revealed a tiny tumor. She was convinced that it saved what was discovered so early, but three years later she was dead.
Another interesting evidence in this review originated from a Danish report. Forensic autopsy showed that 39% of women aged 40-49 years had hidden and dormant breast cancer, while the risk of clinical breast cancer during their life in Denmark was only 8%. This means that only about 20% of positive mammograms were correct, the rest is or was completely harmless and repaired medical izlječenih percentage, or in other cases, surgery later metastases and encourage these women eventually died because of his treatment.
Here are some more (paraphrase) relevant excerpts from the review:

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Evidence that cancer surgery increases mortality, Part 2

Diagnostic X-rays cause cancer
It is estimated that diagnostic X-rays during the lifetime of causing up to 3.2% of additional cases of cancer in the population. Japan, with 3.3%, and Germany are among countries with the highest rate of cancer than X-rays, and Australia with 1.3%, while the United Kingdom of Poland and the lowest risk of 0.6% over a lifetime.

Radiation therapy damages the bone
The scientific world was rocked a report that a therapeutic dose of radiation can cause significant loss of bone tissue. A few years later may develop osteoporosis, osteonecrosis, or bone cancer.

Radiation launches cancer
It is known that exposure to ionizing radiation causes genetic damage that can make cells cancerous. A new study has found that radiation možeizmjeniti environment that surrounds the cell, so that future cells are more likely to become cancerous.

Chemotherapy promotes metastasis
Chemotherapy drug Taxol * mikrokrakovi causes cancer cells to grow longer and that the tumor cells quickly paste. When Taxol treatment before surgery to reduce the primary tumor, the levels of circulating tumor cells grow 1000-10000 times, potentially increasing metastasis.

Tamoxifen increases the risk of aggressive tumors
Use of tamoxifen in patients with breast cancer reduced their risk of getting more frequent and less dangerous types of secondary breast cancer, but more than quadruples the risk of causing more aggressive and lethal tumors.

Biopsies cause metastasis
Biopsies can actively encourage the spread of metastases. Biopsy needle caused a 50% increase in metastatic spread of breast cancer to nearby lymph nodes compared with the removal of nodules.

Stress stimulates cancer
Stress hormones protect cancer cells from self-destruction and promote tumor growth and spread directly and indirectly weakening the immune system and encouraging the growth of new blood vessels in tumors. The patient's stress was associated with faster disease progression.

Stress kills
Stress hormones are released in large quantities in fear during the operation. They greatly weaken the immune system and encourage the spread of metastases. It has been shown to block stress hormones in animal models causes an increase in long-term postoperative survival rates of 200 to 300%.

Hormone replacement therapy increases the risk of metastatic breast cancer
Earlier it was shown that hormone replacement therapy increases the risk of breast cancer. Now a new study has found that it also increases the likelihood of metastasis, or spread, to lymph nodes.

A sudden drop in the rate of breast cancer
In recent years, breast cancer rates have fallen sharply due to the sudden drop in the appropriate use of hormone replacement therapy.

Ernest H. Krokowski, dr.sci.med. (1926th-1985th), was a professor of radiology in Germany. His research provided the first convincing evidence that cancer surgery promote metastasis. While many of his articles on different topics and still easily accessible to the public, his research on the relationship between operations and metastases are difficult to find, even in Germany. His only work on the subject in the English language is not in the list of PubMed, a magazine which was released over there. Due to the obvious importance of this research I published that article on my web site at http://www.health-sciencespirit.com/Krokowski.pdf. You could also take a lecture on the subject in German.
The summary of Dr. Krokowskog from 1979. writes: "More can not doubt that under certain conditions, diagnostic or surgical procedures may lead to metastasis. Analysis of the growth rate of metastases showed that 30% (at hipernefroma (up to 90% (with sarcoma and seminoma) were diagnosed metastases caused by such actions. It is found in many animal experiments and clinical observations, and requires changes in the currently accepted concept of cancer therapy. Previously applied and proven treatments, surgery and radiation must be preceded by prophylaxis of metastasis. There are also three different ways to achieve such a prophylaxis. "
Using radiographic recording dr.Krokowski measured the growth rate of 2893 metastatic tumors in 568 patients with various types of cancer. From this he drew the following conclusions:

1st Metastases arise only from the primary tumor or from their local recurrence, spread or all at once or in just a couple of occasions.
2nd Metastases in lymph nodes behave biologically differently from metastases in the organs (metastasis to the lymph nodes are relatively harmless; metastases in the organs are very dangerous).
3rd Over 3000 growth curves / including data from experiments on animals) can be described by a formula of growth. Growth curves very large number of metastases, from 30 to 90 percent, depending on the type of tumor, can be traced back to the time of first treatment.
Here are some key observations from his article:

-Inflated percentages of success (cancer surgery) or are the result of selective assembly of the studied group of patients or the appropriate custom that the corrected statistics.

-Healing associated with the same stage and tumor size did not improve in the last 20-25 years (actually, since the 1950s).

-Untreated postmenopausal women with breast cancer live longer than medically treated patients.

-Metastases in the fast growing tumors occur before the slow growing tumor. This suggests that these metastases begin their development at the same time as surgery.

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Evidence that cancer surgery increases mortality

Studies suggest that surgery and other medical interventions stimulate growth and spread of tumors, and holistic therapies against cancer have an inhibitory effect

In studies of cancer are generally considered to be accepted that the vast majority of patients, or about 90% of them die from metastases or secondary tumors, and only a small minority of primary tumors. Therefore, the therapists and patients, should be greatly concerned that 30 years ago dr.sci.med. Ernest H. Krokowski (1926th-1985th) conclusively proved that the operations are a major cause of cancer metastasis. However, the profession has been totally ignored by the research and patients never hear about it.

Since coming to light all the more disturbing information, and is now an international team of leading cancer researchers has published a comprehensive review with a conclusion that is clear from the titles: "Operation encourage reporting lantentne distant disease in breast cancer: The unfortunate truth? (" Distant Latent Disease in Breast Cancer : An Inconvenient Truth? "Cancers 2010; 2:305-337; http://www.mdpi.com/2072-6694/2/2/305/pdf).
Because the undisputed reputation of the members of that team, the medical profession can no longer ignore their conclusions, although causing a huge fuss. I expect that efforts at this time focused on preventing that this information becomes generally known to the general public.
This review showed that the future metastases organimaneovisne on the size of primary tumor, malignancy, or his apparent involvement of any lymph nodes. It appears that metastases mainly depend on the level of stress suffered by the tumor and the patient, the stimulation of growth due to the mechanism of wound healing induced by surgery and the health of the immune system.
Moreover, as demonstrated by the following examples, the operation is not the only medical procedure that increases metastasis. In recent years, regularly published research which shows that virtually all medical interventions can stimulate metastasis.
While the majority of cancer research funded by pharmaceutical companies to increase their profits, a growing number of independent studies that show the negative side of conventional cancer therapy. Here's a small selection of interesting results.

Conflicts of interest in cancer research
This analysis shows why it is so difficult to get to the truth in medical research. In a considerable number of articles on cancer research published in medical journals, there are conflicts of interest between researchers and pharmaceutical companies a high degree of financial ties. These conflicts provide biased tezultate with better outcomes for the studied drugs and technologies.

Experts want to discontinue screening
Screening for breast cancer and prostate cancer has not led to a drop in the number of deaths from these diseases. Instead, the programs lead to excessive screening and detection of excessive treatment.

Morphine stimulates cancer and shortened life
Morphine is used in the treatment of cancer last two centuries. Today, research shows that stimulates the growth and spread of cancer cells and reduces survival time of patients.

To be continued...

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Estrogen, Progesterone And Breast Health

    What Effect do Hormones Have?

Molecular biologist, Dr. Ben Formby of Copenhagen, Denmark and Dr. T.S. Wiley at the University of California in Santa Barbara have researched two genes, BCL2 and P53, and their effect on female-specific cancers and prostate cancer.

Cells of breast, endometrium, ovary and prostate, were grown in the laboratory. Estrogen (estradiol) was added to the cells. This hormone turned on the BCL2 gene, causing the cells to grow rapidly and not die. Then, progesterone was added to the cell cultures. Cell reproduction stopped and the cells died on time (apoptosis).

This methodology was applied to all the above types of cancer. The BCL2 gene, therefore, stimulates the growth of these cells and the risk of cancer. On the other hand, the P53 gene promotes apoptosis or programmed cell death and thereby, reduces the risk of cancer. Estradiol upregulates or stimulates the production of the BCL2 gene, while progesterone upregulates or stimulates the production of the P53 gene.

Transdermal estradiol increased the cell proliferation rate by 230%, while transdermal progesterone decreased the cell proliferation rate by >400%. A combination estradiol/progesterone cream maintained the normal proliferation rate. This is direct evidence that estradiol (a potent estrogen) stimulates hyper-proliferation of breast tissue cells and progesterone mediates hyper-proliferation.

A second study by noted researcher Bent Formby, Ph.D. was just published with more insightful results. To determine the biologic mechanism of why progesterone inhibits the proliferation of breast cancer cells, a variety of cancer cell lines with different receptors and different expression of genes were exposed to progesterone. Exposure to progesterone induced a maximal 90% inhibition of cell proliferation in T47-D breast cancer cells and no measurable response to MDA-231 progesterone-receptor negative breast cancer cells. An impressive 43% of the T47-D cancer cells had undergone apoptosis (programmed cell death) within 24 hours after exposure to progesterone. Further analysis showed that the genetic expression by T47-D cancer cells of the bcl-2 gene was down regulated, and that of the p53 gene (tumor suppressor gene) was up regulated. Since the p53 gene expression induces cell apoptosis and the bcl-2 gene when expressed inhibits apoptosis, if one's cancer cells are progesterone-receptor positive, then progesterone as part of one's therapy appears to be very important. However, 50% of breast cancer cell lines have mutant or no p53 oncogene expression, so in this instance, genistein therapy might be helpful.

Therefore unopposed estradiol causes these same types of cancer. Since Breast cancer is considered to be a hormone dependent cancer it is critically important to avoid the factors that would promote too much estradiol.
Birth Control

In order for natural progesterone to stimulate the production of the P53 gene it must attach itself to progesterone receptors found in abundance in breast, ovarian, and endometrial cells. If a woman is taking birth control pills or any other form of synthetic progesterones (progestins, progesterone acetate, medroxy-progesterone acetate) these synthetic progesterones will occupy progesterone receptors and prevent natural progesterone from occupying the receptor site. Synthetic progesterones not only fail to produce the P53 gene but prevent it's production by blocking natural progesterone from occupying the progesterone receptor and in the presence of excess estradiol, dramatically increase a woman's risk for female-specific cancers.

There are 12 references to tests on BCL2 and P53, and how they are affected by progesterone & estrogen. This information has been published, in part, in the following journals:

The American Cancer Society Journal

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology

The American Journal of Pathology

International Journal of Cancer

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)

Fertility and Sterility - Journal of the American Society For Reproductive Medicine

Clearly some of the underlying causes of breast cancer are too much estrogen relative to too little of the helpful benefits of the P53 gene. This is especially so in the presence of trans fatty acids (hydrogenated fats).

Source: Health Science Print Page
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