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Important Myths and Truths About Hormones, Part 2

The Estrogen Deficiency Myth

Although it has been an accepted belief that menopause is a time of declining estrogen levels, the facts that are becoming known reveal that many women actually have an excess of estrogen. According to Dr. John R. Lee in his book What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause: the Breakthrough Book on Natural Progesterone (Warner Books, 1996), estrogen dominance is a major factor contributing to women's hormonal imbalances.

The truth is that it's not an estrogen deficiency, which is behind most of women's hormonal issues BUT AN EXCESS OF ESTROGEN.

"Estrogen dominance syndrome" is a term that describes a condition of an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone," Dr. Lee wrote. The delicate balance between these two hormones is skewed in estrogen's favor. Stress, nutritional deficiencies, processed foods, environmental estrogen mimics, i.e. substances found in pesticides, herbicides and plastics, are the likely contrib…

Important Myths and Truths About Hormones

For more than 15 years, I have been researching, writing, lecturing and consulting with women about hormones. To be more specific, unveiling the truth regarding our amazing female physiology and hormonal nature. As a naturopathic doctor specializing in women's holistic health, I have also assisted thousands of women to regain hormonal balance naturally and safely at any age.

Since I have personally been through a long list of hormonal challenges, I speak from my personal experience. I have also successful resolved these health issues naturally. My greatest desire and mission in life, is to share the solutions and wisdom from my journey with you.

In this report, I reveal some of the myths about women and hormones that have been masquerading as truths for a long, long time. Most of all, this report is help enlighten you to the truths.... that will indeed not only set you free but will also get you back to hormonal balance and health!

During the menopausal years, it seems t…

Secrets of the adrenal gland

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 I have been seeing more and more clients with health concerns that are about adrenal exhaustion, which concerns me very much.
You probably never gave much thought to your adrenal glands. Yet, these two little glands perched on top of your kidneys play a might role in balancing your hormones, managing your weight (especially around your middle), insuring uninterrupted sleep, even-keeled moods and a fighting fit immune system!!

When resolving hormonal problems, women are led to believe that all that is required is tweaking their hormonal levels and hormonal issues with treatments such as Bioidentical hormones or oral contraceptives. However, hormonal imbalances, rather than merely aberrations of a wayward reproductive system, are, in fact, symptoms of deeper root cause issues that need your attention.

The Adrenals and Hormones

The adrenals are involved in manufacturing numerous hormones; blood sugar regulation; the regulation of the body…

Vaccines show sinister side

If two dozen once-jittery mice at UBC are telling the truth postmortem, the world's governments may soon be facing one hell of a lawsuit. New, so-far-unpublished research led by Vancouver neuroscientist Chris Shaw shows a link between the aluminum hydroxide used in vaccines, and symptoms associated with Parkinson's, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease), and Alzheimer's.

Shaw is most surprised that the research for his paper hadn't been done before. For 80 years, doctors have injected patients with aluminum hydroxide, he said, an adjuvant that stimulates immune response.

"This is suspicious," he told the Georgia Straight in a phone interview from his lab near Heather Street and West 12th Avenue. "Either this [link] is known by industry and it was never made public, or industry was never made to do these studies by Health Canada. I'm not sure which is scarier."

Similar adjuvants are used in the following vaccines, acco…